Would you go back if...

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  • 24k
    If they did away with the df-ing then I would have my family back so I wouldn't need the borg. -damselfly

    My thought exactly! Even if the watchtower had the courage to change, I don't think I would ever have the desire to return. As some have mentioned, my experiences within the organization have caused me to examine my attitude toward religion and God. Couple that with the damage that the organization has caused in people's lives, and I see no reason to go back to, even a reformed, organization. And like damselfly said, if all the teachings were changed, as stated in the original post, there would be no reason for those that you love to shun you anyhow.

  • IP_SEC

    Dont have much use for religion anymore. I got new brothers and sistas. Wouldnt go back for any reason.

  • sspo

    They wi

  • sspo

    They will never change or admit any past mistakes or wrongdoing.

    Too much pride and fear of more JW's leaving the flock

  • HadEnuf

    No...they would still smell like a rotting potato. Besides...once a liar almost always still a liar.

  • Goldminer

    No,I wouldn't go back.They would look at those who returned like they were weak christians who just came back when it got easy.The mentality will never change and no matter what they change they are not God's chosen channel of communication.


  • Blueblades

    They have to pay for their lies, deaths, imprisonmemt, lost years from youth onward, child abuse etc. A leopard cannot change its spots. No way would I ever go back to that ferocious Leopard. They need to be defanged and put to sleep.


  • Justice-One

    I doubt it. The reason would be I have seen more love in other places. Hell, I think I'd go Mormon if I went anywhere. - And the weird thing is I don't really think they have the "truth" either. Now go figure on that!

  • juni
    Dont have much use for religion anymore. I got new brothers and sistas. Wouldnt go back for any reason

    I agree w/IP_SEC and I love Blondie's rotten apple picture!


  • done4good

    No. Many religions have "reformed" themselves after past mistakes. That does not really have any real effect on whether what they teach is truthful or not. I'm not claiming that what a given religion teaches needs to be 100% accuarate, or it's just plain a waste of time, but the WTBTS has almost always, since its inception, without wavering, damned anyone who was not in full agreement with them. Even if THAT changes, by mere fact that they have in the past taken that stance, would be enough for me never to go back. Too many lives were destroyed by that nonsense, (and I'm speaking as if it is in the PAST tense, which presently, it is not).


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