Music you chucked out when you were a JW.

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  • HadEnuf

    Just an album of the Eagles. Come to think of it...I've never had problems with the demons since. Oh...hahahahaha!

  • Goldminer

    I threw out my AC/DC Live Greatest Hits album and a Dokken album.

    I still think about that sometimes and how stupid that was.I guess I could go out and buy them back.


  • tijkmo
    a letter he got from some dubass bethelite who supposedly did research on all of them.

    hey i got this letter fact i used it in a public talk i gave about keeping free from wicked spirits

    as a cong all the young ones had already got together to dispose of their records...we went down to the beach and had one huge bonfire in the spirit of the magicians who burned all their books..we had with us a young boy who was the mentally challenged relative of one of the burners..and he kept asking why we were all burning our records since he couldnt see the sense in it..ha the only sane one among us.

    we got into trouble from the elders for that...ironic eh..actually it was just the one elder - terry senior - who was annoyed that someone had told his daughter that queen were demonic and so he roped in one of his yes men to make it a kind of commitee.his counsel was based not on the fact that we had destroyed the records..but that we had done it on the beach at night...he told us this was illegal..this was my first time i had come across the elder approach that if they dont agree with something you do but have no reason to object then they just make up one..came undone this time though because i had anticipated that there might be legal objections and had already asked the police if they had any objection to us having a bonfire on the beach and they said no...and so it was that i learned another valuable lesson - that to show an elder up as an idiot means that the holy spirit will allow that idiot to make your life hell for as long as he wishes...

    more fool me then...although in this case he was right...i was an idiot to burn all the records..and they have all been replaced since...and i must confess to having a grudging respect for mr senior who has managed to convince everyone that he believes the 'truth' when he really doesnt because it allows him to have the kind of power that he absolutely wouldnt be able to have in any other organiztion

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


    I have a couple Tolken books, but I have all the Harry Potter books, my JW sister came to visit my house and had to spend the night, she refused to spend the night in the same room with Harry, Can you believe that!

  • Twitch

    I loved my music when i was a dub teen and when the parents ransacked my collection and threatened to take away my instrument, that was the proverbial straw on the camel. I left not long after.

    What did i lose tho? Quite a few but one i recall vividly was Saga's "Heads or Tails" with the rationale that it was debasing/defiling Gods image on earth, man.

    I thought, WTF kinda reasoning is this? I'm out. lol

  • lowden

    When i read through these posts it makes me realise what seriously warped people we were involved with. The reasonings that they used and the ultra-paranoia that possessed them/us.

    Good story

    It makes me want to guard my personal freedom all the more so, in a 'screaming blue faced Mel Gibson' kinda way.



  • avengers

    In 1969 right before I was baptized I had to get rid of the original Beatles album, Sargeant Pepper and the Stones, Their Satanic Majesty's Request.

    Still pisses me off, even till today.


  • beachbum


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