Ever work for Witnesses?

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  • free2beme

    I worked for a Witness owned business for 10 years. Three as a Witness and seven as a former Witness. It was a formal wear (Tuxedo) store. I actually enjoyed my time there a lot. I was the manager of their number one store, and I made it that way as when I first took it over they were about to close it. Either way, I hear a lot of horror stories about working for Witnesses and this family I actually really enjoyed working for. They paid well, honored by exit with no preaching to get me back. It did help that my store was three hours from their corporate offices, but they did speak to me and even sent cards and gifts when my child was born. They sold the business right after my child was born and the new owners (largest corporation swallowing up smaller chains), it all went to hell and I quit. The new owners were heartless, cheap and cold. Which is normal corporate thinking. So I did enjoy their management, and it seems that may be a minority in this modern Witness world. Did anyone else have a good experience like this, or was all your experience of working for Witnesses negative?

  • Stealth453

    I worked for one years ago.


  • JWdaughter

    My dad did. He did several weeks work for a Ministerial Servant(construction), was never paid and then the guy took his family on a trip to HI. The thing was, he was so 'nice' to give my non witness dad work when he had been out of work so long(const. in the late 70s was dead and it was really hard times). He got all kinds of Kudos for being a loving brother, and my mom never said anything to anyone when he didn't pay my dad! His name was Brown. Jerk. My parents had to go to the food bank and he went to Hawaii. How Christian is that?

  • free2beme

    That seems to be very common and the thing is that Brother probably never admited it to anyone and even convinced himself in time that he did pay him.

  • caligirl

    Yes, twice. Both times were a huge disaster. What is that saying? Burn me once, shame on you... burn me twice, shame on me? I was a complete idiot who talked myself into it with the "This time will be different" speech.

  • limbogirl

    I worked for a witness couple for a couple of years in their business. It was the best time I ever had -- they were "liberal" witnesses so to speak and had the best sense of humor. Lots of practical jokes and fun, plus they rewarded me for my hard work with raises and eventually left me in charge when they went out of town. I was 18. Probably not the norm based on most of the witnesses I know but these dubs were great fun!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    worked for a couple, the regular janitor and floor cleaning business. It was all night work and a bitch. I hated it and lasted only a short time. The owner was the presiding overseer and he was an ass. I think the fumes from the buffer's exhaust damged his brain. I worked with a brother cleaning windows for awhile and it was great fun. It was only a couple of times. I wouldnt work for a brother if he paid me, which of course they did, but not enough.

    I wasn't going to spend my life as someone elses janitor. BS.


  • Forscher

    I worked for several.
    None paid worth a toot, though I did have the benefit of getting off for the assemblies. My feelings are rather mixed about my experiences working with Witnesses. I found that they generally expected more from their fellow Witnesses for less pay, but they could also be quite fun to work with. I guess it depends on what kind of Dub one is working for.

  • hillbilly

    Yes... he wasn't bad. Funny thing about him was he came up in the trade Union....matter of fact, back in the 70's lots of JW's worked in the Electricians Union in West Palm Beach....

    Anyway, when I was with him he was not a Union contractor... Fair enough to work for but cheap...and anti-union.

    Left and went to a Union shop .... never looked back



    I worked for two JWs. One was my dad, he pais me well and "under the table." The other was another Elder in or Congo. doing construction. I was paid well and treated decently. We always ended the day early on Tuesdays & Thursdays, which was nice.

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