Ever work for Witnesses?

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  • Taythan

    When I was 18 and 19 years old I worked here and there for one of the elders who had his own pest control business. He was generous and I have no complaints about the work relationship. Of course it wasn't like a regular full time job either. The pest control business seemed to be a pretty common JW occupation in western Nebraska because I knew of several.

  • thecarpenter

    yes, lots of problems... wasn't worth it. The problem I see many times is that one party usually starts to take advantage of the other party thinking well, they are my brother and they won't mind. I nearly had to take one to court to get paid. (and I would have, hell with the congregation)

  • mama1119

    My Dad owns a business and when we were "in" he hired a bunch of dubs...but now we are out but they still work there and BOY DO THEY HATE US!!!!!!!!!!! They dont talk to me period because Im df, and they treat him like crap...but they have been there for so long they get paid great and they are now an asset so he has to put up with them. They place literature on the lunch table for the non witnesses that work there but when they are not looking I throw it away and put out my US Weekly mags. At least it wont make you sick while your trying to eat lunch!!!!!!!

  • mjs mouse, ben
    mjs mouse, ben

    Unfortunately I did work for JW's twice, both ended with bad experiences. I also got involved in a few of the multi-level marketing schemes, didn't ever make a dime while the top of the pyramid(usaully elders or elders wives)were driving around in Mercedes, you all remember schemes such as Excel, Melaleuca, Pre-paid Legal? Anyone out there that you know of make any $$$$ with these MLM companies?

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