I'm Sorry

by Lo-ru-hamah 15 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • serendipity

    ((( lo ru hama ))) This must hurt, but keep hopeful that he comes around.

  • Sparkplug

    LoHu- It is tough I know. Things always find a way. Even if it is just finding the peace within yourself when you have to reflect on this. Hang in there hon. So dang sorry you have to go through this.

  • Flash
    This made me think back to the person that I was as a witness and the stands I would take as one and I just want to make a public apology to anyone an everyone. "I'm so very sorry."

    Lo-ro-hamah ~ We all trusted and followed "humans" more than we should, but we are not the first. John 16: 1- 4 Remember, Jesus was talking about the abuses "God's People" would inflict on His True followers.

  • magdelaine

    Lou, it must be so painful to be going through what you are right now. On this site, there is a link to an "interventionist" that may be able to help your brother. And the podcasts are excellent as well.

    Catholic Ex JWs

    God bless!

  • LovesDubs

    I remember going to one of our District Conventions when I was a very new JW....not sure if I was even baptized yet, but there were two people sitting quietly by themselves way down front in the race track stands where we all were. It was lunch and I was meandering and visiting and noticed them sitting there and that they never moved from that spot. I assumed since they were in "civvies" and not all dressed up that maybe they were locals come to visit the convention so I sat down on the rail in front of them and we started talking. I was there for maybe 15 minutes and really enjoying the talk we were having, and looked up to see one of the elders from our congregation gesturing to me to come up to where he was. I excused myself and went to him and he was FREAKING OUT at me. "What are you doing TALKING TO THOSE PEOPLE? Dont you know that they are DISFELLOWSHIPPED ONES??? Dont go back down there! DONT SPEAK TO THEM! They FOOLED you into TALKING TO THEM!""

    I gotta tell you...I was royally pissed off. Not because I the DFd folks "fooled me" into anything but at the incredible HATRED these supposed CHRISTIANS I was sitting with at this supposed CHRISTIAN convention showed towards these people. HYPOCRITES!

    Once its in their hearts that they have to treat others like lepers just because the others dont BELIEVE the way they do, there is no removing that ...blackness until they are willing to give it up. We have to remember when they treat us like crap...its not personal. That hatred and loathing is directed at ANYBODY who doesnt play the game. WE all know it. WE all did it....WE all believed it.

    Im sorry this is happening to you...to your brother...to all of us.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    About ten months ago somewhere along my way out, I continuously made eye contact with this one guy earning his way back into the trueman show... on the same KH row of seats that turned out to be my transitory ticket out... briefly encountering in the transitory twilight zone of the back row, he passing into the light, me passing on onto the dark side, greeting him outside the hall on our wayide... last as we were both slipping in during song so as not to prolong the agony. He politely pointed out that he wasn't alowed to speak to me.
    I met him at my last circuit show some time later, asking him if he had been reinstated already. When he proudly confirmed this, I could not prevent myself from joking: in that case I cannot speak to you anymore. He looked puzzled...

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