Could the "shocking" announcement be about blood issue?

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  • Rabbit

    I truly wish it would be backpedaling on the blood issue for 2 reasons:

    A. It would save lives, although many scared JW's would continue refusing blood for a long time. Most still don't know they can take everything right now, just in fractionated blood -- not the whole parts at one time.

    B. Everyone who has lost a loved one (my Mom died) to the blood issue will be greatly affected. JW's will feel used, abused & betrayed directly by the GB and will revolt over these unneeded deaths. X-JW's, like me and 'worldly' relatives will angrily confront JW's over these deaths as being useless. JW's cannot defend the GB's actions with the old "New Light ™ /Old Light/ Dim Light" crap. The loss of members would be catastrophic to the WT.

    Sadly, that's why I don't think it will be over the 'blood' issue. Telling the truth, when there is no benefit (to the WT) just won't happen.


    PS: I think the 'Special Announcement' will just be a historical...repeat of empty words.

  • poodlehead

    Every time I caught wind of a great shocking new thing on the horizon. It was so minor that it wasn't even worth remembering. I do remember the last one. Was something about 140000 were having a lot of fillins. So the end may be a little farther away then they think. Stupid

  • observador

    I think they'll simply say that there are ONLY 3 months for the end of...

    And JWs will get all fired up thinking that the Big A could come this year, but the Society simply couldn't say it.


  • vitty

    I remember being told that one day we would be doing a "warning " work in FS and that would show the end was near. The message would stop being all nicey, nicey.

    So maybe they will just be trying to hyp everyone up to thinking this is the tribulation is coming spoooooooon.

    Now this strategy could last for years, then the start of the tribulation could last for years. This could go on for decades. With members getting old and dying the newer , younger members can be told anything.

  • Confession

    If the Society is going to alter its policy on blood, they are not likely to sound the trumpets about it ahead of time. Any such alteration would be handled as deftly and with as little fanfare as possible.

    Leaking word that a big announcement is coming in September is, I fear, just as the others have suggested: "The End is nearer! We must work harder! Our messages will now be like "hailstones!" To the field!"


  • aniron

    When did this "anouncement" become "shocking" ?

    It started off as an "anouncement in September"

    Then it became a "Special anouncement"

    Now its a "Shocking anouncement"

    Elders are already supposed to know what it is, yet no Elder who posts on here (yes there are) has mentioned it.

    Would Elders get such a "shocking anouncement" so far in advance of when it supposed to be anounced?

    If it was about blood could an Elder uphold the blood doctrine knowing it was going to be dropped in a couple of months?

    We know how dramatic the WT can be sometimes, it may turn out to be something quiet mundane.

    We will just have to wait and see.

  • avengers
    I seriously doubt they are dumb enough to do it again


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I second Legolas on the question: ``who said it; when and/or where? To me, the mention of a ``special announcement" smacks of a desperate ploy to reanimate an increainsgly apathetic lot of door-knockers.

    If you expect them to make any sort of announcement that would require great courage or high principles but that would shake the organization to its foundation and imperil their privileged status as demi-gods (such as on blood or shunning), you can forget it.

  • Rabbit

    Maybe the "Special Announcement" will be the huge stock purchase of the company that makes -- Kool-Aid.

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