Thanks for holding the door.... *** SMACK ***

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  • Jim_TX

    ...sitting here thinking about this topic, a visual came to mind...

    I remember a skit from an old television show called 'Laugh-In' - where this old geezer is trying his best to assist this prudish lady - who pummels him severely with her handbag.

    He would usually groan and fall over.

    (It's been quite a few years, and so I may not remember the skit completely - or properly...)


    Jim TX

  • beautifulisfree

    2 Tim 3:1-5 - Clearly states that this would be a sign of armegeddon!!

  • parakeet

    ***He said that the men ALL moved out of the way to let him continue walking in a straight line, but the women DID NOT BUDGE until the last minute,***
    On the other hand, I have learned from years of experience to avoid grocery shopping the day before Superbowl Sunday. When I shopped that day, the market was filled with men gathering their snacks for the game, and I must say they are the rudest shoppers I've ever seen. They block the aisles; they nudge in front of others at the deli, and if I and a guy are heading for the checkout at the same time, I've seen the guy run, yes RUN, to cut in front of me.

  • anewme

    Jim TX, I remember that skit! An old maid is sitting at a bus bench with an old man.
    She asks him "Would you like to come over and sit by me?"
    And he says "No I dont want to sit on your knee!"

    He later apologizes that he is "a little stiff from sitting".
    She answers "I dont care where your from!"

    But Six-of-nine brings up a good point (I think?)
    Maybe there are some poor women who have had bad experiences with ass pinches and oggling and so their reaction to the door held open is to get the H-- out of there as quick as possible.
    Do you think that might be a possibility?

    Come to think of it, maybe Elsewhere is NOT TELLING US THE WHOLE STORY!!!!! HMMM?????

  • serendipity

    I'm sorry elsewhere, I was distracted and thought you were right behind me and had the door. A belated thanks.

    (I'll assume the role of a proxy.)

  • Stealth453

    I often follow wankers like that outside and at the top of my lungs yell..


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