Thanks for holding the door.... *** SMACK ***

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  • vitty


    This exact same thing happened to me but it was a man that pushed past, he then literally ran to get one of those tickets that help you queue

    Was I mad, I should have pulled it out of his fingers and thank you I think that's mine.............grrrrrrrrrr

  • Effervescent

    I'm with Elliej on this one... I think it's wonderful that people haven't forgotten small kindnesses.

    I hold doors open for people all the time, and when someone does the same for me they get a hearty "Thank You" and a big smile. Don't let it discourage you... most women know better and appreciate a gentleman when they meet one.

  • lonelysheep

    How rude!

    Doors being held are always appreciated, whether it be by a man or a woman. It's a nice thing to do for someone.

  • james_woods

    Was she by any chance a really tall leggy blond with real long hair and real big feet named ANN?

    I think we had a thread on her about three pages back up the way.

    She may have been practicing her pie-dodge moves.

  • Gregor

    I go into my post office everyday and the entrance doors are so heavy little old ladies have to pull them open far enough to get their hip in and then push and skitter in before the door knocks them down. I often run ahead of them to get the door and let them in first. Nine times out of ten they thank me very kindly, but there is the occasional one who act as though they are the Queen of England - don't even look at me or speak as they enter. When this happens I have the urge to give them a little smack on the keester as they go buy and say, "get along little doggie".

  • Nosferatu

    Elsewhere, someone on another message board did an experiment...

    While he walked down the sidewalk, he decided to keep walking straight ahead to see who would move out of the way for him. He said that the men ALL moved out of the way to let him continue walking in a straight line, but the women DID NOT BUDGE until the last minute, and he collided with a couple of them.

    Perhaps this will help answer your question.

  • damselfly


    Some people don't have any manners so when faced with situations where they are needed (such as holding the door) they have NO clue what to do.

    I like it when guys open doors for me, I do the same thing for others all the time as well.


  • Quandry

    I am glad when someone holds open a door for me. I hold open doors for others. I beleive Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Always held this as good advice. Unfortunately, many have never been raised with manners or see the need to show basic human kindness to others. I will not let them affect me. I want to sleep at night.

  • looking_glass

    I have a tendency to hold doors for everyone. I was taught, who ever gets there first holds the door. Well, I get yelled at all the time by the guys I work with because they say it is rude for a woman who is with a group of guys to hold the door for the guys. So we cannot win for losing.

    As for people moving out of the way while walking down the street. I did my own experiment. Ever notice that when there is a group of people who are crowding the sidewalk that when you reach them going the opposite side, you have to move for them, even though they could go single file allowing others to pass on the side walk. One day I decided to see how many people would do just that, move for a person who was going the opposite direction. NOT ONE! So now, I don't move to the side if there is a group of people, they can go single file, why should the lone walker have to move for the party of 4 or 5.

    Also, I was on a NY bus not long ago and a woman with a baby stroller was struggling to get off the bus. Two (yes two) guys stepped over the stroller to get off the bus and kept walking. It was my GF who said to the men who had exited all the while stepping over the stroller "THANKS FOR HELPING BOYZ" and she and I grabbed the back end of the stroller and the mom and another woman grabbed the front end.

    Rude people are every where!

  • Angelica

    I love it and always thank the holder. I assume that whomever is at the door first will hold it and LOVE to hold the door for men. Some become so flustered. Always hold it for older people.

    I recently had a man apologize for holding the door because he assumed that I might not LIKE it. He explained that this is how he was raised in the south... I told him, "No apology necessary. I appreciate it".

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