What charitable works have you done?

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  • crazyblondeb

    I helped to start a women's abuse hotline. I used to do alot of work with the Red Cross. I always helped with blood drives and donated my time to draw blood and do physicals. I was also with their diaster team for awhile. We had 2 teams at the OKC bombing doing trauma surgies to stablize victims right there at the site.


  • anewme

    Crazyblondedeb, you sound anything but crazy! Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind came to mind! She found she was not a weak little southern belle during the terrible Civil War. She found she was a woman of intense courage and stamina and she gave that courage to others when they so badly needed it.

  • Virgochik

    I send checks to the ASPCA and to the local Humane Society. I give furniture, shoes and clothing to Goodwill, even tho I could have sold it for cash at a yard sale. When I did have a yard sale last month, I practically gave stuff away, if the people seemed like they needed it.

  • anewme

    I think this topic is important for new ones to realize that apostates or those who leave the Watchtower Organization do not druel or wear horns or consult with the devil.
    They are warm and loving human beings who desperately searched for truth but ultimately failed to find it inside the Watchtower Org.

    All the good qualities of their characters they still possess and now they take their love for their fellow man, so long repressed and discouraged, out there to the world where it will do some good.

    Their love and goodness now give hope and courage to others instead of using it to bring people into a miserable cult.

  • anewme

    Virgo chick, what is the ASPCA?

    Isnt there a scripture that says "Whatever good you find to do, do it" ? Am I just making that up?

    Giving old clothes to charities is excellent. Giving away possessions to those who desire them is a very happy feeling. All this charity can be done close to home.

    How about other forms of charity?

    I'll tell you, I've been working on verbal charity.....saying a kind word when it is appropriate ....
    and also withholding a word when it seems inappropriate or unkind or in bad taste.

  • Midget-Sasquatch


    I agree with you on everything. There are some wonderful caring people here on JWD (and thanks for the nice comment about my sister). Its just so sad to think about all the missed opportunities jws have to really make a difference in other people's lives or to bring about that kinder and gentler society they dream about.

  • Virgochik

    Anewme, you are so right...we were generous before, and we still are! Amazing, isn't it, we don't suddenly get stingy and mean the day we leave the Kinkdumb Hall, lol!

    ASPCA is " American Society (for the) Prevention (of) Cruelty (to) Animals., sometimes called the SPCA. They even have a show called Animal Cops on Dish Network. They do educational work in schools, spay and neuter strays, rescue abused and abandoned animals, and care for them until they can be placed.

    I tend to help animals because they cannot help themselves, like most humans can.

  • poodlehead

    I designed a blanket for my bread club. There were sold and I raised thousands of dollars for K-9 health research. Primarily Adisons disease in dogs.

    I would like to do more but I have not had the oppertunity.

  • candidlynuts

    i'm about 80% poorer now than i ever was as a jw. but i've given more than i ever did back then.. go figure.

    i mainly stick to local people who have needs. because what i can give is seriously just a pittance.

    we've had people in our neighbhorhood who's home has burned down, a young man 32 died suddenly of liver cancer without insurance and i gave a little for his burial and to help his widow and two kids..there have been a couple of children with cancer and neighbors collected funds to help house their parents near the hospitals the kids were in etc.. stuff like that.

    only time i gave to the red cross was a few times after katrina and after a tornado hit near us and destroyed a bunch of houses.

    a local church helped us get air conditioning and build a wheel chair ramp.. i give a bit to them when they do their xmas collection drive.

    i would rather be hands on giving assistance but circumstances dont allow. i admire the heck out of all of you who are actively helping others!

  • anewme

    Midget-Sasquatch, I think the trouble lies in thinking that God is going to do the work for them.

    When people fully realize God isnt going to save the planet or bring a cold drink to the homeless man or feed, or clothe the needy or pick up all the trash or save the apes then they begin to utilize what energy and recourses they possess to help out the world which needs them so much.

    (Our cabin is 97 degrees and my husband just asked me give the computer a rest)

    Charity begins at home they say!

    See ya all tomorrow morning bright and early!

    Gnight, love ya.


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