Too Dang HOT!!

by caligirl 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Matty

    caligirl - it sure is hot in SD, but I'm very glad that me and SpiceItUp moved here - I'm sure SW Florida (where we used to be) is a lot more disgusting at the moment!

  • sunshineToo

    S.F. Bay Area made over 100F today. 105 in my town. That's a record in 20 years.

  • anewme

    Yeah these are unusual temps for California. I am born and raised. The summer I was born were the highest temps on record, but we might be surpassing them now.

    Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth might be on to something. If otherwise healthy individuals are barely tolerating the heat, what will the more tender souls among us do?

    Last night I showered WITH my dogs (chihuahuas)
    The three of us ran naked through the house without drying off! (We were dry in minutes)
    It was the second miserable night with the heat.

    Today I thought of the homeless man (who stands all bundled up) in front of the Albertson's under the big tree. Someone should buy him a big XLG t-shirt and make him take his layers off!!!!!!!
    I should. But I am afraid. I will speak to my husband about it.

  • TweetieBird

    I'm with you Caligirl. I live in San Diego area and do not have air conditioning. Never needed it before. I was ready to go to Fry's and buy a portable air conditioning unit.

  • Warlock

    First of all, No. Cal. deserves 100 plus temps. just for having a Gumby. Second of all, So Cal. feels like Petosky, Michigan in the summer, without the bugs.


  • DesertRat

    110 degrees here on Friday, followed by an overnight MINIMUM temperature of 89 degrees. That is a new record, beating the previous 'low' of 88 degrees in August, 1993. Phoenix, which is usually 5-6 degrees hotter, reached 115, & nights in the 90's are nothing unusual there. Combine that with their slightly higher humidity (especially near the canals & irrigated areas) & frequent smog alert days, & we are talking MISERY .

    I remember the afternoon in June, 1990 when we reached our all-time high temperature of 117 degrees. Phoenix reached 122 that day & Sky Harbor Int'l Airport had to close down..

    As a true Desert Rat, I love our summer long as it remains dry..

  • Kudra

    Holy Crap Desert Rat
    Better you than I!!!
    (but I'll get my share in Sept...)

  • 144001

    Luckily our president is wise enough to dismiss the greenhouse effect on global warming as "junk science."

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