Too Dang HOT!!

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  • Kudra

    Where are you in Northern California???- I grew up there...

  • gumby

    Yeah, thank god for air-conditioning! Swamp coolers are OK if it ain't cloudy and humid.

    About this:

    The story was a poignant one: a homeless man died in Wichita the morning after the thermometer hit 109. He wore multiple layers of clothing.

    I realise this is WHY homeless and the mentally challenged wear so many clothers when it's blazing outside.....but I could never figure out why THEY NEED TO WEAR their clothes. I've seen some wearing two coats at that. Why not tie them around their waste or just carry them in a bag or something. WHY do they wear them?


  • smellsgood

    It got up to 102 yesterday, and looking the same forecast today.
    The awesome thing is that the car doesn't have AC. Also that it overheats, so if you don't want the engine exploding you have to blast the heat to cool off the engine.
    And the kiddie pool has a hole in it.


  • Priest73

    Hot... too hot to ride the motorbike. to hot so go in service... wait. haven't done that in years :)

  • sammielee24

    Took in a show yesterday and it was 111 at abt 5 a/c - only a swamp cooler and it's steamy. Just got in and right now my thermometer on the sunny side of the house says its 116 outside....on the shady side it's 94....humidity is abt 82 ...even the birds have taken to hiding...supposed to be another week of this stuff so my advice is fill up the tub with cool water, climb in and just keep humming to yourself...'don't happy'......sammieswife.

  • sandy

    Oh MY GOD! IT IS FREAKIN HOT! I cannot handle the heat well at all. I get so angry and moody. My poor fiance gets the worst of my insane behavior in hot weather. I'm trying really hard to be in a good mood by the time he gets home from work today. I went outside several times today and cooled down my babies (dogs) AND Myself w/ the water hose. It really helps. I can come back in and do a little work. Then when I can't take it any longer I go back outside to hose myself off. LOL We don't have AC here. It's almost time for me to go back outside.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    To Dang Perfect in Minnesota. Blue skies and 80 today and starry skies and 60 overnight. Spent the day on my motorcycle riding a charity event sponsered by the Vikings. I didn't win anything at the raffle, but it was fun hanging out with the Viking cheerleaders at the post ride bbq. More of the same tomorrow. Maybe I'll go sailing.

  • Virgochik

    We've got an awning over our patio, so it's tolerable out back in the evening. Mid-90's here. It's the only good reason to go to work....the air conditioning!

  • JamesThomas
    I'm hosin off me nutsack as we speak

    It was 48.88C (celsius) or 111F (fukking hot) here today, and a nutsuck hosin sounds goood. Do you do a natural chamois skin buff after that? Wouldn't want any water never know who you'll meet.

  • purplesofa

    we fineally got rain last night and it cooled off........its amazing how much energy you get when its not so hot.

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