What is all this about Smurfs?

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  • mrsjones5

    Geez, I lived through that period in the org and thought the whole thing was stupid as hell. I didn't even like the smurfs (and still don't to this day) but I could see that the demonized smurf myth was a bunch of whooey.


  • Nowman

    I loved the smurfs in the early 80s. Then my mom told me a story about a smurf stuffed doll inside a babies crip, and the smurf strangled the baby. How crazy! This also happened with the carebears with me. I used to collect them. Then a carebear movie came out, and my mom took me to see it, there was a part in the movie where the children had become possessed by something, my mom said we had to leave the threater. I also had to get rid of my carebears. Now, I have a daughter that loves them (you know, they came back), and I am so happy she can have them, she won't have to worry about one day that I decide to tell her "you need to throw those away".

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I too lived in the Smurf Cold war, I used to like the cartoons, but after it was said that we couldn't watch it my mom would kick my ass if I tried, Also Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Thunder Cats, Twilight Zone, Troll Dolls (I had a few pencil top ones) Along with any toys that had guns my mom wouldn't let me have them so no GI Joes, or Transformers with weapons, all my guys were unarmed DAMN!!!!! Oh yeah and no model airplanes that were military. Any of you guys find that after you left the ORG you had a second childhood??

  • detective

    You probably could have got some decent cash for that smurf watch today. Though unrelated to urban legends, I still regret having tossed my Weebles.

    Hey, it's kind of funny to say "tossed my Weebles". Try it, I do not lie....

  • Nosferatu

    We didn't have the smurf problem here. I watched the show until it got too stupid to watch. The death throes of that show was the smurflings (WTF???) Grandma smurf, and that stupid annoying red thing. And what the hell was with Gargamel having a kid?

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmmm... which brings up another interesting question...
    Is 'Harry Potter' on the forbidden list? Wizards, witches, magic and all that...

    Jim TX

  • jakes

    Forget about smurfs.A few years back here in South Africa it was the Pokemon series.If JW kids were caught watching or owning trading cards all hell would break loose.The rumour that was flying around was that some kid got demon possessed while watching it.

    JWs and their obsession with demons!

  • stevenyc

    Over here in Britain they were never even mentioned

    I grew up in the 'Troof" in Britain, and I can remember the whole surf thing. Problem children, because of owning a smurf doll, and I can remember the story of the smurf who told the elder, giving a talk, that it was all "fucking bullshit", and them run out of the kingdom hall.

    Very Funny.


  • freedomlover

    LOL at OFG!!

    ok, ok... here's the real problem with smurfs...

    is that yellow patch tape for drywall?????

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Is 'Harry Potter' on the forbidden list? Wizards, witches, magic and all that... ________________________________________________________________________________ As far as I heard Yes, I've been into all the Harry Potter books since they came out and tried to get my JW Nephew into them but they are bad evil books, and satan is behind them, so yes Harry Potter is very bad, in fact when I had family stay at my house I had to remove those books from the bedroom so they could sleep in the room.

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