Are "orbs" in photographs spirits?

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  • hopelesslystained

    tried do delete this one, but it did not work. sorry.

  • hopelesslystained

    interesting thing about these "orbs" is they do not show up in all the pictures taken. I have others, just have get organized with my files. Bummer, mine do not have the colors!

  • foundfreedom

    Believe it or not my son who is 11 now but was 2-3 at the time could see balls of light that would cross the room at night and exit out the opposite wall. My daughter couldnt see them (she's 9 yrs older)

    I believe in the spirit world and I believe that our house is haunted! we dont have anything that could be called demonized but my family has experience so much stuff in this house it cant be denied that something is going on in it!

    I have pictures of orbs in a few pictures that were taken of me and it travels with each picture that was taken right after each other.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm going to have to be a wet blanket here: "Orbs" are an optical phenomenon known as "lens flare."

    Case closed.

    Are any of you familiar with "rods"? I'll let you kick that around for a while before I take the ball away...

  • bigmouth

    Nathan, lens flare is always caused by a bright light source striking the lens elements at an oblique angle. Usually the effect is to produce multi-coloured images of the aperture or an overall 'ghosting' of the image.
    These orb things, however, are new to me. I have seen photographic gear that produce odd little images due to a pinhole light leak inside the lens, and they always mimic the shape of the hole or crack.

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip
    Since the dawning of digital and not film, less and less have appeared.

    I believe the opposite to be true. Because digital cameras are so easy and can take so many pictures, tens of thousands of orbs have been captured on digital film. When digital cameras first came out they were very low res and some orbs were caused by the low pixilation and/or low lighting. Orbs are caused by numerous natural reasons like lens flares, moisture, dust etc. You can try an experiment yourself, get an old rug or blanket and shake it in the room. Now take some digital pictures around the room you are sure to pick up an "orb" Try taking pictures outside on a rainy or snowy day... also, hundreds of orbs.

    Now for real orbs. Today our cameras are so high res they are equal to film. If you can rule out dust, humidity, rain, fog, snow, lens flare, flash returns etc. You are closer to real orbs. Look for continuity in the orbs, also glowing extremities, faces in the orbs, colors, movement. Are these orbs also captured on other cameras, camcorders at the same time? Do the orbs seem to follow certain people? Does the same orb appear in a different area of the room in another picture? Were there any other anomolies present while the picture of the orb was taken? Strange feelings, sounds, temperatures? Do the orbs appear blurred or have a streaming light tail as if they were flying across the room?

    I have captured hundreds of orbs on film. Most of these orbs were from natural causes ie. dust & moisture. A few orbs, I could not explain. Once, while taking digital photographs, I heard a voice where no one was standing. I immediately took a picture of the place I heard the sound come from. I captured an orb. I also captured many orbs inside of an old church I went in using a 35mm and a digital camera. These orbs appeared in different pictures, in different places in the church with different cameras.

  • SixofNine

    Orbs are a purely physical phenomenom. You don't find any photographic experts wondering if they've captured the otherworld on film or digital.

    Only people who don't, and either can't or won't understand photography think they've captured something supernatural or otherworldly.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    here's what wiki says about it:

    lovesdubs, i must say that those patterned orbs you found are really interesting. i'm not really sure what to think about these orbs yet, though i am leaning towards the naturalistic camp for reasons of pure parsimony. however, the patterns that your orbs have are remarkably close to patterns that i see while on lsd occasionally, among other ones. and that makes me even more interested. thanks for posting those. i have never seen orbs like that before.


  • kindra328

    I tried resizing it and i cant figure it out so if anybody knows how to do that let me know. This room was not dusty when the pic was taken. This is just one example.

    I'm trying to attach some of my pics that I have had several angel orbs in them. I believe that these are real. I've gotten plenty and went online and did a search and found fact that these are angel orbs.

  • LovesDubs

    I took these pictures a year ago Jan. Grandma Jo is still alive and kickin and I dont know an Alan. I have lived in S. Fla for 7 years now and have owned 4 digital cameras during that time. I didnt start picking up these orbs until these pictures of grandma and then others AFTER that started to show up. My daughters dance studio where the kids are laughing and playing seems to be a really busy orb place too. The orbs move even when I dont from where Im taking pictures. The dust should always be where I am. The humidity is always high here and so if it was that Id always have them in every picture as would be the case with the dust. Whatever they are, they are beautiful, and rare and I usually take about a hundred pictures when Im at occasions like birthdays or family reunions, Christmas or easter or whatever. Sylvia Brown says they are spirit guides.

    I know it sounds nuts...but I have always believed we arent alone and what we dont know about things outside ourselves vastly overshadows what we think we do.


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