Cooling Off? Any ideas?

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  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Wet boobies may get a little uncomfortable. We will be over 100 degrees for some time, normal for the Mojave Desert. I am alergic to heat and the sun so I use the gel filled neck wraps, a fan that hangs around my neck, very loose long sleeve long pant cotton Yoga type clothes (office or not you gotta keep cool) I wear fancy ones for going out. Drink lots of water and rest often.

    think cool thoughts....

  • nicolaou
    I've decided anyway that a wet bra under a white top is not an acceptable look for the office

    We are so not in agreement over this important issue. Frankly I think it deserves a proper debate in a thread of it's own.

    Seriously Crumps, just keep sipping the water, slow down and let your body acclimatise. Air con' is a wonderful thing but unless you strap one to your back you'll just have to get used to the heat. Personally I love it. A big hat, big shades and a big cold glass of water - yes water!


    b . a . s . k . i . n . g

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Nic: sent you a PM.

  • Crumpet

    You boys finished making you holiday plans on my thread! !!! Have you!!!]

    Ooops think cool thoughts, cool, ice ice baby!

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Crumpet: Yes, unfortunately flights here can be expensive - due largely to CY government regulations re the number of 'non package' seats allowed to be sold on charter flights.

    Yes, I am a Brit, lived out here for about a year. My previous home was in Pembrokeshire.

  • Balsam

    Looks like global warming may be a reality if your having those kinds of high temperatures there in England for the first time in almost 100 years.

    I don't know how I survived in the humid southern states of the USA when we moved here from Calif but I was young what can I say. But hot is hot. I used to wet towels and put them in the refrigerator and when I took one out I'd put the on other one back in. I'd keep the cool town on the back of my neck till it warmed up. Took up a bunch of time swapping towels, but it did feel good. Lots of fans too blowing from every angle.

    Today we have AC and we keep it about 74 degrees while it is almost 100 degrees outside. Hope it cools soon Crumpet.

  • Finally-Free

    When it's really hot I skip work. I stay home with my BBQ and cold beer. I've been known to take a cold beer or two into a cold shower with me, especially after mowing the lawn on a hot day.


  • Dansk
    I've decided anyway that a wet bra under a white top is not an acceptable look for the office - so have just settled for taking it off and stuffing it in my handbag.

    Don't ya just lurv this weather!


  • Crumpet

    LOL! Dansk! Again I take pleasure in your renewed vigour and vim!

    If they banned beer what would Finally Free do?!

    Maybe I should emigrate to the states where AC abounds - however Balsam - the amount of energy beingf used by the AC units is contributing to the whole global warming - a viscious circle? Is it too far fetched to think that our efforts to cool ourselves today will be the death of our great grand kids?

    Joe Grundy -

    My previous home was in Pembrokeshire.

    I have been Tenby more than once - I bear the scar on my arm from a Golden Eagle at the Manor Safari Park there. I love Wales - and my second home is the Gower. Don't you miss it a bit?

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Crumpet: Yes, I miss it a little. I worked in Tenby for a few years - the nick is in Warren Street, opposite the PO and Frankie Booth's amusement arcade. Most of my family live in Pembs, the others near Mumbles. I shall be interested to see how I feel when I visit next month. But the UK in general? No, not much.

    Sent you a PM, btw.

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