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  • Warlock

    If they broke in while you slept, you are lucky to be alive, in my opinion. Do you think it was someone you know/knew?


  • LDH
    Woke up this morning to find that someone had broken into my house while I slept.

    That happened to me 7 years ago, big difference I was not home and my neighbors sons literally took everything except for the sofa and beds which they must have been in too big of a hurry to get.....

    I was pissed!!!!!

    I went out the door with my baseball bat and went to their house "politely knocking" on the door. The man who is now my husband dragged me back by physically lifting me and carrying me home (think cave woman style) but not before I swung a couple o times. LOL.

    I had insurance, but like you are finding it is just a DAMN BIG inconvenience!!!!!! Sorry about that.

    OFG those dogs look ready to die for you.


  • OpenFireGlass
    Been there, done that....Buy a gun. I have several.

    Yeah... I've found that weapons are useless, without a dog (warning system)

    But seriously... Out on the mountian, I have a dog to warn me of bears and the like (they like to steal food, and puncture water lines)...

  • anewme

    I hate to say this, but are you SURE you were robbed???? Was there a true indication your house was entered? I say this because a friend just went through the same experience and drama and it turned out her wallet was left on top of merchandise at a store the day before.

  • anewme

    Oh sorry, you did say they took your cell phone too.

    Im really sorry for your loss Frozen One.

  • Stealth453

    I agree. I have 3 dogs that bark if I fart. Almost shot myself a few times.

  • Rabbit

    Sorry you've went thru that...you are very lucky you were not harmed.

    There are 2 types of burglars:

    The type who takes care not to encounter anyone during their heist. They just want your stuff.

    The other type doesn't care if you are there or even looks forward to that possibility.

    You had the latter type, the most dangerous kind.

    Dogs are good noisy alarms. Electronic Security systems are even better. In the last 2 decades, not one single successful burglary has occurred at any of my customers homes or businesses. If you need any alarm system advice, please let me know.

    Rabbit (alarmist by trade)

  • anewme

    ((((((Stealth))))))), see what we would have lost if you had left?

  • Sparkplug

    OFG- Love those pups. They look like the kind you would want to play and play with...and then for me, I would send them home. I am not that good at keeping pets alive. I cannot figure out how my kids have survived! FO- I hate to hear that. It is the tape we have to cut through to fix it all that really sucks. Damn

  • OpenFireGlass
    Electronic Security systems are even better.

    what a sales pitch .... I'd rather the person felt immediatly threatened

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