Do you get speeding tickets often, or get away with alot of traffic tickets

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  • JH

    I didn't get a ticket in over 15 years, although I drive alot.

    I always wear my seatbelts, never go more than 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit, and make decent stops, not dead stops, but decent ones....

    Here in Quebec, if ya do a lousy stop, but that I mean if you don't completely stop, they call tha an American stop here.

  • purplesofa

    I can't begin to know how many speeding tickets I have had..........and alot I have gotten out of.

    The best was going 110 in a 55 and only getting a warning.

    I have been caught speeding by name it.



  • Elsewhere

    Never got a speeding ticket in my life.

  • restrangled

    Before I go out to finish the lawn in the dark....Just have to brag Since the age of 16 have never had a ticket for parking, speeding, or been involved in an accident. I am now 47.

    I was pretty proud of this record until my brother said "yeah, thats great, but how many accidents have ya caused?"


  • JH

    I was implicated in 2 accidents but none of them were my fault.

    The first one was a drunk guy who rammed into a bunch of cars in a park, where I was parked with my dad's car.....when I was 17

    The second accident was when I had my 1st new honda civic, back in 1982 and a LADY went through a red light and although I tried to avoid her, we collided.

  • HadEnuf

    No speeding tickets EVER!! (Now watch...I'll get one this week...and then I'll have to blame the RAT)!!


  • Elsewhere
    I was pretty proud of this record until my brother said "yeah, thats great, but how many accidents have ya caused?"

    I was recently implicated in one accident... hell, even two cops said they would testify for the other driver.

    There was just one minor problem: I was not driving my car. In fact my car was parked, stationary and turned off in a private parking lot with no one anywhere near... other than the other driver who ran into my car.

    Apparently the other driver was under the impression that there was NO way they could have been the cause of the accident simply because my car was not 100% inside the yellow lines in the parking lot.

    The human ego never eases to amaze me.

  • JH

    Mumsy, I didn't see one cop from here to Wisconsin when I went over last year. When I came back I saw one in Ontario and although I was going 120 km/h in a zone of 100, he saw that I was from Quebec, and just didnt react.... Maybe they are trying to be nice to us so that we come back more often and spend our money there. Now that I have a cruise control on my car, this is new for Canada , I cruise at 115 kmh so I shouldn't get a ticket.

  • kls

    Ok, i confess. Today i got my first speeding ticket ever but it was the car , it made me do it

    Now i am a rebel , an outlaw

  • JH

    I know who gave you that ticket monkey


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