Covert apostate campaign

by lost_light06 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    Hmmm, isn't there something going around? Are you sure the kids are feeling well? SHould you stay home with them, just to be sure?

  • Borgia

    Stick to your guns, dude. There´s no way back if you give in. So. pray with her. Why? that you all may be doing the way God want you to behave.

    Is she really going in super freak JW mode? Well, she should know by now, that she should be very respectfull towards her head, because rebellion against Gods given provisions is something she is not considered to be doing. Instead, she should obey Gods commandments rather than men´s and go out in the FS without you. You can even support her by making the coffee and wish her a blessfull campaign.



  • moomanchu

    Go for the over slept idea excuse.

    Do you and your wife drink? Have some beer or wine and have a fun late friday night, then let nature take its course.I like your idea of writing the web sites on the tract. Does the WT put their web site on the tract? Maybe you could cross that one out.

  • jeanniebeanz


    Thank you for making me laugh coffee out my nose.

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