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  • sspo

    There is no way in the world you will be DF's for that.

    Why are they even meeting with you? Did your parents call for this meeting? Are they going to try to encourage you to do more in the truth or investigating whether you have any hidden sins?

    Anyway you will not DF's if you move out.

    Just tell them you need to sort things out, that's all. Try not to say anything against the society or teaching, that's when you might get in trouble.

  • truth.ceeker

    That is a scary time moving out on your own. I still remember when I moved out and got my own place. I barely landed a new job that didn't pay much, but it was enough for rent, car and some food. But I was like "Wow! I have my own place!" I read you will be in a slightly different situation with a room mate, but you get to call the shots about your time and how you live. Without the car, you may need to find a very inexpensive solution, or if your downtown has a pretty good public transportation system like rail or bus, that should help out until you a little more financially stable. I think, what I needed when I moved out was reassurance from friends that they would help me out in case I got into trouble. Not that I needed it, but I would have had more confidence if someone has said to me, "If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call, and I mean it, whatever you need, you let me know, okay?" I would have felt so much better about being on my own and maybe even gotten farther along. But it worked out all right and I kept Jesus and Jehovah close to my heart in prayer.

    But if you do need anything, let us know.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    No, they can't df you for moving out, unless of course you are moving in with a man. Then they would assume you are living an immoral life, even if you're not, and take action against you.

    Good luck with the move, keep us posted as to how it goes.


  • minimus

    No....the elders won't DF you for moving out. I'm sure mommy and daddy will tell them that you flew the coop. If they see you with your "boyfriend", you could get into some real deep doo-doo. (I can hardly wait for the next chapter in the tale).

  • Crumpet

    You will be considered weak association yes. But that should not challenge your immediate family's association with you so why would you care? There seems to be a different rule for males and females on this. ie young brothers who move out and become regular pioneers - EXCELLENt - young sisters who do the same - TO BE VIEWED WITH SUSPICION.

  • LovesDubs

    If you are moving in with a man that is a DFing offense. You can say all day long and twice on Wednesdays that you never had sex with the guy but its the "appearance of evil" that will get you DFd. I have seen this done. If you are having any mail forwarded make sure its to a PO Box and not your home. Dont list your new phone number in any books. In fact only use your cell phone and dont GET a land line.

    Dont trust ANYBODY. All the elders have to do is see a man go into your home, see a man spend the night,(or two somebody elses see him and report it) or see a man's CAR spend the night and you are doomed. Unless you are moving to Ugoslobia and living in a hut...they will find you. And since your parents already have a bee up their butts about you, they might see fit to use your conduct as a reason to ferrett you out and turn you in, perhaps in their opinion, to shake you up and put you straight...or just to be vindictive. I know a man who was DFd because his vindictive ex wife turned him in for having LUNCH with a female co-worker. The ex followed him, took pictures of them together, sat outside his job watching to see if they left there together....he is a fire fighter and so was the co-worker! He was DFd for conduct unbecoming a Christian. If they want you...they will get you.

    Dont kid yourself...elders have been known to follow people, park outside their homes, take pictures of them....they cant have you out there carrying Jehovahs Membership Card around with you being a bad example to other young ones now can they?


  • Virgochik

    Lol, lol @ minimus! Gosh, Stilla, be careful! If you have to bring back the car, won't Mom have to give you a ride home? Then she'll see where you live, huh?

  • Dismembered


    Avoid those bubonocele "elders" at all cost. It's none of their damn business what you do. Bubonocele: Defintition: hernia of groin: an incomplete hernia of the groin accompanied by swelling


  • undercover

    Moving out alone won't get you DFd. And if you never return to the hall or take any calls/visits from any of the elders along with little or no contact with the dubs, you'll probably not get DFd.

    As long as you just leave and don't go to the hall or associate with them, they're supposed to just let it go until a time when you may decide to return at which they would then start judicial proceedings or counseling. But If the elders are out to make an example of you to other young ones or they know that you're living with someone of the opposite sex, then they may go beyond the things written to make your life a living hell. I've seen it happen. It all depends on the type elders they are.

    Good luck and keep in touch to let us know how things are going.

  • minimus

    Virgochik, you clearly can see the stupidity here. It's so obvious. Besides nobody could be this dumb. Nobody.

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