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  • Estephan
    If truth is as important to you as you claim, then you could start with even the word jehovah. Any first year Hebrew student can tell you that you could insert any vowel you want in the word, jivihi, jovovha, jahavah and so on. Why do you insist on a word that wasn't even a word until about the year 1270 made up by a Catholic monk named Martini? Again, man made, made up word for God. Yet jw's go around falsely telling people they 'must' use that made up word for God's 'name'.

    Words should be used to inspire, teach, and bring together all people in love.-- The many 'words' of the wt have done nothing for love, peace or to inspire people to become better people. The damage and human wreckage from all parts of the world because of this evil cult is certainly not evidence of a 'loving' organization. They give God a bad name.

    If you stand for truth there is no way you could ever defend or help the wt spread their false prophecies and their perverted version of 'the good news'.

    Ok, I will use the name Allah if you prefer. The I AM is more appropriate as the True Name of GOD is hidden from mankind. Jehovah, Jah, Allah, G_d are all names understood by the people that serve the True God. The True God knows this. Heavenly Father is the most appropriate since He is the Father to all living things. So you are correct in your thinking.
    Many religions teach good thing including the W.T.S. All are not completely accurate in their understanding. Take the good and leave behind the bad. This is the meaning of seeking out the truth. The heart is what will be judged by The Almighty.
    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. It is apparent you have much anamosity against the organization. This is your perogative and I hold nothing against you for it. This is the meaning of not judging one another in love. A person raised in truth and love will understand the errors of those that try to live their lives righteously. Refrain from judging your brother or sister as taught by Jesus Christ. This in itself unifies a Christian, as by their fruits you will recognize them. Fulfillment of prophecy is recognize by true occurance in the world we live in. Many prophecies have been fulfilled and will come to their final end once the Words of the Almighty are finished.

  • no one
    no one

    Thanks, Estephan. I'm going to chalk this thread up to my stupidity. I'm sure you're sincerely trying to reply to my questions, but I seem to be missing it.

  • Estephan
    Thanks, Estephan. I'm going to chalk this thread up to my stupidity. I'm sure you're sincerely trying to reply to my questions, but I seem to be missing it.

    I'll try better tomorrow, hopefully with more clarity. Words can get miscontrued at times. Have a great day.......

  • DaCheech
    One of the very first untruths in regards to the W.T.S. is when Russel or Ruthorford (spelling) decided to appropriate funds to build dwelling places for the men of old that would be resurrected. Are we not to build our own in the Kingdom of God? Who owns the real estate which includes all kingdom halls upon the earth? Truth is truth, a lie is a lie. I stand for truth, period.......

    Can you please build a mansion (you can hold the title), and let me live there $$$$$-free?

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