Hate at site of convention goers!

by blumandy 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dimitri

    Playaz will play, Haterz will hate. Hate is destructive. To hate is a choice. Why do you hate?

  • blondie

    No point in hating the victims. I was there once myself........some day they may be here with us.


  • JH

    Welcome to the board Blumandy

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi blumandy, and welcome to the board.

    I don't hate any individual jws, although there are a few that I dislike. I just hate the fact that I ever was a jw.

  • Finally-Free

    I don't hate them, but I have no respect for them either. For the most part they are a nuisance, kinda like the skunk that gets into my garage occasionally.


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I'm not qualified to comment on this really, but I will ...

    The only JWs I know are a nice friendly helpful couple with two young children. He has 3 jobs. She doesn't go out to work (not surprisingly) and at 39 is (unexpectedly for them both) pregnant again. They go out to many meetings, and have at least two evening meetings a week in their (small) apartment. He is a 'pioneer', the little daughter told me. She (the mum) looks washed out and drained.

    As an outsider, I have no reason to hate them. I should, of course, be envious of them because of their membership of the 'true religion' and all that sort of stuff. I'm not, I feel sorry for them and angry about those who are, I believe, taking advantage of them.

    I don't think it's likely that I'd say or do anything on purpose to make them question their faith. The mum is the more read of the couple, and the one with better English. But if they lost their faith, what would they have? Bugger all, I suspect. And without challenging the parents, there's no hope for the children.

    So, as an outsider I feel sympathy, anger and so on. I'd love to challenge the guy who I think is the big banana in their congregation (I've met him a couple of times) but it would only make things worse.

    So, nothing to do with me really, walk on by, keep moving. But I happen to believe that all of us on this planet bear some responsibility for each other.

  • Stephanus

    Everyone has different ways of dealing with grief from a traumatic separation; at the moment you're going through this hate thingy. Nothing to worry about, so long as you keep moving to new emotional responses as you grow out of them.

  • undercover
    I feel sorry for them and angry about those who are, I believe, taking advantage of them.

    Yes...good point.

    I feel the same way. I still have family and friends in the bOrg and they are spending all their time and energy spreading the good news of the publishing empire. It's sad to see them sacrifice so much for so little.

    Our anger and "hatred" should be directed at the organization and the men who run it.

    But, on my more cynical side, I like to see dubs out after conventions. It's Friday or Saturday, they've been in a suit or dress all day, they're supposed to stay dressed up when going out to dinner and keep their name tags on. I'm in the restaurant, at the bar, wearing shorts or jeans, casual shirt, knocking back a cold one when they come in, en masse, what seems like dozens of em. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that I'm not wasting my weekend like they are and I don't have to walk around town dressed up for church on a Saturday night.

    It's even better to be around the convention site when the afternoon session lets out. Plus 90 degrees, humid, and here they come: shirts, ties, jackets, carrying a sleeping child in one arm, juggling a bookbag, carrying a cooler in the other hand. Funny, they don't look like they were in a spiritual paradise all day...they look tired and frustrated. I look at them with a mixed sense of pity and relief. Pity that they're being taken advantage of; relief in that I'm not being taken advantage of anymore.

    I wonder if I should feel bad when I purposely go drive around the convention site when it lets out to see the dubs rushing out. It's like I'm watching a tragedy unfold for my entertainment, kind of macabre, but then again...it helps me see, in some weird way, that I'm lucky to have gotten away from it and that I don't have to be a part of it anymore.

  • AlmostAtheist

    I understand your feelings. I would imagine it wasn't the people themselves -- after all, you didn't even know them. Rather, they served as a trigger for you. Like hating dogs after being attacked by one.

    In time, you'll be able to recognize that it was really the dog's neglectful owner that was to blame, not the dog. Perhaps you'll hate the owner instead, and allow yourself to see dogs as just dogs.

    Jw's are mindless robots, following the programming from the Watchtower. Gently try to ease your hatred off of the dogs and back on to the owner.

    But don't beat yourself up over responding to triggers. They fade in time, and they're natural.

    Welcome to the board!


  • blumandy

    thanks to all that posted a reply, i read them all!

    i must of been blaming the jws instead of the org , all these years. i think because i was "raised" in it, i didntt see it as an organazation, but rather i saw it as a group of jws.i guess thats how the org wants it to seem, so they dont get the blame!

    i will certainly start trying to change my way of thinking from now on. i certainly do presently hate the whole lot of it,jw's,for alowing themseleves to blindly follow, and the org, for incorrectly leading the blind. but in time, ihope to feel only pity and not hate. hate is soo strong, and its not a good feeling to carry. this board had made me angry, reading posters problems with the jws/org, but now i think its starting to help.thanks again, everyone, nice to see such a wide variety on here, helping a newbie!


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