Don't Like Your Avatar, Don't Like You!

by bigmouth 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • nicolaou

    Oh I see, I get the picture. It's all about the $$$'s.

    tut tut

  • confusedjw

    I sell propane and propane accessories and propane gives you an even quick fire that even Bill can cook a great steak on every time.

  • nicolaou
    that even Bill can cook [on]

    So you'd try to sell me a propane bbq by saying that if a complete dumbass loser can use one so can I?


  • nicolaou

    Apologies to bigmouth for diverting this thread - we should stop now.

  • confusedjw

    Ladybird and I agree.

  • sass_my_frass

    I find that I don't recall a thing about a person until they get an avatar, and sometimes I forget a lot about people when they change their avatar.

  • JH

    When people see my avatar, they think I'm a dirty rat

  • mouthy

    mouthy" to me be sounded cute, refusing to be intimidated and someone with something to say.

    Oh thanks pal... A vote of confidence!!! But your quite right I will NOT be intimidated again..." Been there done that " And if you got to meet me>. I am true to my name I am mouthy & I do have something to say. Mostly that I LOVE Jehovahs Witnesses!!! But I want the world to know the Organization that is run by a few VERY OLD MEN!!!! Who view sex as evil, & because they have no children of their own they want to play "DADDY" & pass out orders to all who DONT THINK for them selves...I will DIE letting my very big MOUTH!!!! tell it like it is....
    Undeserved Kindness to the Organization>

  • Jourles
    Propane is for flabby redneck wusses who can't cook meat on a real fire!

    Well damnit! I have a Weber gas grill and I'm not about to take it back!

    <----- Oh, and how could you not like this cute little avatar

  • LovesDubs

    So Steath isnt that a picture of you drunk and wearing a diaper?

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