Gilead 42nd Class 1966

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    Welcome to the board, Vivienne.


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    God bless you too, Vivienne. i was pioneering, dating a bethelite (brooklyn) whom i eventually married and divorced, and attending many gilead graduations around that time. best wishes, nowisee

  • thaisun

    Thank you so much you Guys,I was reduced to tears especially those who found my words encourageing. The names of those in my class ring a bell but as we finally destroyed all our bound volumes and year books bar those we could use to help people I can't put a name to a face. I do have a photo of the class and if you can point them out it might ring a bell. I am the one on the right in the forth row, one in from the end with the up turned face and cheesy grin, wearing a dark, square-necked dress!!

    Someone asked about my experiences in Gelead. Well I don't know where to start! But things that rung a disturbing bell were things like Bethel bros who took delight in shrinking missionaries' trousers to boys sizes in the Bethel laundry - not a very Christian thing to do seeing as we were all fairly poverty stricken! But even more important was a long lecture by Nathan H. Knorr on the dangers of independant thinking. I thought how can we reason through this teaching and believe it to be the truth if we didn't use our independant God-given mind! As the Apostle Paul said 'do not allow anyone to take away your freedom of speech'. We were gagged. We had to sign a paper to say we totally believed all that the Society said. If we didn't sign, the "punishment" was to be sent home. How many people would have the courage to go back to their home congregation in disgrace!! None signed though some privately protested!

    I remember one fellow who refused an assignment to Portugal - then under persecution. Even though we were told it would be no disgrace to refuse, he was sent home to his American congregation instead of being offered something he felt he could cope with. How different from the Christian Church where people go where THEY feel God is directing them. They then themselves choose the appropriate training for that country. That's the difference of being under God's direction and loving care as opposed to a cruel misguided man-made organisation.

    There really is so much in the 30 years I was in the Organisation and the struggle to get free that it would take too much space here, but what ultimately (way down the painful track) helped me the most was a study of the scriptures using different translations, together with the Kingdom Interlinear. After two agonising years I finally gave in when I saw how corrupted the NWT was. Its words have been altered and others added to sway the reader away from the real message about the Lord Jesus, who he is, and the real Gospel of freedom. That being, that Jesus did everything for us when he took on our sins and set us free. All we are asked to do by him is accept this wonderful free gift. No striving for perfection or acceptance from God. He loves us and acccepts us, warts and all. Knocking on doors and attending meetings etc will do nothing for us. It actually takes away from what the Lord Jesus has done. It takes the praise and glory away from him and the Father's love. You can't buy a gift. It is given freely.

    I'm sorry but I have to share this as it is so releasing from what we had to do before to be accepted!!! If anyone is interested we wrote some leaflets which others, not us, have sent all over the world and we have heard have been a help to JWs and those trying to help them.

    I am so pleased to hear from you dear folk. When we finally made our stand we were virtually alone. Isn't it great to have this avenue now, to have encouraging friends like you.

    With love, Vivienne.

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    thanks for posting here Thaisun .you are very welcome and i'm sure we can all benefit a lot from your experience in leaving the org.

    you left in 90? what did you think of the generation change in 95? it shocked a lot of people!!

    i'm a 4th generation jw ... inactive fader

    i look forward to hearing more from you.

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    Hi - this is wierd as i have enjoyed reading but never posted....i am a "inactive fader"- the oldest of seven kids - half still jw (one a CO wife) one jw because it is "easy" and he seems content, another brother on the verge but scared out of his mind. This thread compelled me to write becasue I was born in '66 and was raised with the imprinted goal to go to gilead...the picture of the Class of '66 was one of the many i studied, hoping to find my own reflection perhaps????? My CO sister didn't speak to me for almost six years - she was originally in south America - we now never speak of anything that might be confrontational but lately I am having trouble NOT sharing with my other family members.

    My husband is a solid Traditional Catholic - much stronger in his faith due to me pushing him on the "unchristian" beliefs of the Church. I go to Church with him and our three incredible boys. I do not consider myself religious but there is a part of me that wants to be - I can't slip back into jw mindset but the indoctranation is so thick - will i ever have my own mind?????? I am afraid that the love of God that I don't want to lose will just ebb away. it is interesting to see a former missionary Free and enjoying faith and hope.

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    Welcome to the board and will be looking forward to your future posts.


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    Welcome Thaisun. I would love to hear more of your story. Have you considered writing a book? The organization in the sixties is such a mystery to me and to hear of you and your husbands recollections would be so enlightening. Please continue to post. Thank You, Carlton

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    I would love to read your story, maybe if you feel it is too long you can follow the way others have done on this site and tell it bit by bit.

    and welcome

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    Welcome sosad!

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    Hi Thaisun (and welcome sosad),

    I will send you a PM. My mother (who has not spoken to me in over 2 years) went to Gilead in 1969/70, and served in Peru for about 4 years before coming back to Canada. Perhaps you knew her.


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