Breaking up with spouse, why?

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  • damselfly

    Just to add ~ this was not something that I ended lightly. I thought long and hard and like Serendipity, considered it from all angles to make sure I knew what I was doing.


  • jayhawk1

    I asked myself why stay in a relationship that I'm not totally happy with. All relationships involve work, but it should be a happy work. If it is not a joy to be a part of, it is not worth being a part of. All it takes is the determination and belief in one's self to move on. That's the hard part.

  • Honesty

    For years I had deep feelings of guilt about ending our marriage.

    After reading all of the posts and reflecting on how they are so much like my own situation I am now free of all the guilt and know I made a great decision.

    The one about an emergency medical crises really hit home but the details are still too painful to discuss.

  • cab1000

    I am going thru a divorce right now. Head to to discuss it with the nice folks there, or you could go to to try to save it....good luck...

  • Es

    To be honest i didnt....., I knew i couldnt bare to be in the same room as him, and i hated the way he treated me, so i took a chance.

    Luckily for me the chance paid off, i had my ups and downs tho it took me years to literally get over him and stop loving him. We are friends now, sometimes we have a good chat and makes me wish it was like that when we were married, but im much better off with someone who loves me


  • dvw

    when you are afraid to go to sleep at's time to get the f out of dodge. my second wife is a complete and total pleasure to live with. love is good.

  • Khufu

    when I realized it was the only way to part with the invading JWs

    + I wanted to have kids at last, but for a JW+exJW couple, that is out of the question

  • Ironhead

    I've spent the last two years listening to slanderous comments from elders about myself. Although my wife is very upset with these lies, she supports the elders and the wts, no matter what they put me through. I don't have the same feelings for her and she's concerned that I'll walk out of marriage. I'm in fact walking out this afternoon, while she's happy around her false friends, religion and god at the DC. I've carried her for the past 8 years. Let her cope on her own. Never marry a JW is my war cry!


  • brownlove2000

    Well when you feel free to be yourself without restricions!!!!!

    Then its probably right.....

  • misanthropic
    how do you know that you made the right decision?

    Because I'm in a much better place now, and alot happier.

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