Breaking up with spouse, why?

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  • Calliope

    i was often disappointed. it may seem trifle, but i felt i gave so much that went unrequited.

    i know now that he was battling with so many inner conflicts that he couldn't reciprocate to the degree that i needed. it weighed on our relationship. then when he da-ed him, it was my turn to disappoint him. i could no longer reciprocate to the degree he needed. we hardly talked anymore (which was our marriage's foundation).

    we decided to seperate.

    we stopped being mates and became best friends again.

    and that's where we are now, best friends.

    (and then of course, there are the degrees of dopamine and oxytocin in every relationship that will inevitably affect whether there is a breaking point or not).


  • greendawn

    I suppose a wise decision will be known by the beneficial changes that it brings, if one feels happier after ending a strained and agitated relationship that is the right decision and especially being with JW spouses as an ex JW can be a very stressful and trying experience because of the degrading concept they have about ex members.

  • Calliope

    and that's my side of the story.

    wonder what he'd say...

  • tetrapod.sapien

    heh, ya cal, that's about it. that and the fact that i am quite a bit weirder than you are. i started going down this path that is not spouse and commitment-friendly. i did it because it was the most natural course for me, considering the little blip of existence we have been granted on this planet, and the fact that i do not produce copious amounts of oxytocin. so, no need to waste time with mortgages and kids and cars and IKEA and freedom55-type stuff. also, and i know you agree, monogamy is a ludicrous and puritanical arangement that highly evolved folk like you and i should not be wasting our time with. and then that way, we have the best of both worlds, which is twice as good as only having the best of one world. HA! simple!

    you were a really great wife though. thanks for that. you made it much better than it might have been with someone else.


  • serendipity

    tet & calliope? You learn something new everyday.

  • Robdar

    Serendipity: tet & calliope? You learn something new everyday. Yeah, that's what I thought. Wow.

  • Calliope


    i wasn't expecting that.

  • tijkmo
    I've spent the last two years listening to slanderous comments from elders about myself. Although my wife is very upset with these lies, she supports the elders and the wts, no matter what they put me through

    exactly what i was gonna write

    i however did know about cal and tet...not

  • misanthropic
  • confusedjw

    In my case it was because she and her mother were certified nuts.

    And in another case because I wasn't in love.

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