Fluff Topic for the evening: What would you have pursued if you could have?

by restrangled 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • restrangled

    Dear Quandry,

    Thanks for posting and saying it was not a Fluff topic.

    I always feel like what I bring up is fluff here. Your support is appreciated.


  • elliej

    I was a teacher but I gave it up because the holiday/ birthday and science issues were just too stressful for me. How do you not sing "Happy Birthday" to an 8 year old while the whole rest of the class is? How do you avoid the holiday activities and parties? Or explain to the children that you won't accept their Christmas gifts? There were also too many meetings and activites -conferences, open houses, staff meetings, etc.- during the evening that caused interference with my meeting schedule. What a waste.

  • restrangled

    Dear Elliej, Can you return at this point? You sound like a very sensitve teacher. .......


  • elliej

    What a nice comment, thank you. Maybe someday.

  • HadEnuf

    I would have been a really big rock star...yeah...for sure.

  • In Between
    In Between

    Sports ... would have loved to play college football or basketball ...

    I used to play the guitar ... so I can appreciate the rock star dream too :)

  • damselfly

    I would have joined the track team (very good sprinter) I really wanted to do this.
    Instead I had to join band, for some weird reason this was okay with the JW's. I didn't like band I had to fight to be allowed to quit.


    *go and find a way to fullfill those old dreams*

  • mrsjones5

    An amored truck drived named Tim. I was 19 and studying for baptism and he was a worldly hunk of a man who was interested.

    On another tip, after I left the org I did get my degree in Fashion Design but I would have loved to learn how to play the piano (I know it's never too late) or done something in the preforming arts like acting or singing.


  • alamb

    Child psychologist/sniper/artist

    all "back in my sights."

  • blondie

    It's never too late, mrsjones....I started taking piano lessons later in life and I work with a woman who is 59 and sang the lead in a local theater company's production of Nunsense. First role..........another woman who only sang in choir was chosen at the age of 48 to single the lead in a local production where the lead was played by a local boy made good in Hollywood.

    As Malcolm Forbes said, "It's only too late when you're dead."


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