OMG Spray Tan Disaster !!!!

by Sirona 37 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Es

    Oh no that suxs majorly hehehe, makes me appreciate the lady who does mine, considering the two times i have gotten it done were before two big events, my engagement and my wedding.

    I would complain if i was you, if she wasnt the manager ask to speak to her and tell her what happened and tht you have had it done before without no problems, you may get a free gift certificate or something


  • damselfly

    Es has a good idea, I work in a Spa and if this turned out taht badly they owe you a refund or a "redo" free of charge.

    I've never seen a spray on tan that looked good. They are always steaky and orange.


  • freedomlover


    I want to try one of those tanning things, but this is exactly what I'm afraid of!!!!

  • damselfly

    The self tanners (creams/lotions) aren't bad IF you exfoliate very, very well beforehand.

    ANd always do a patch test before you get it all over yourself!! Some people's bodies just don't accept the creams/lotions and look horrible.


  • LovesDubs

    Take pictures....go back and DEMAND to get your money back. Tell em you are gonna put those pictures with a nasty letter in the Letters to the Editor section of your local paper! If they laugh...flip your hair back, huff off, slam the door.

    Ok maybe not LOL!

  • misspeaches

    oh no you poor thing! Just wondering - did you exfoliate thoroughly before you went for the tan? Sometimes that can result in a streaky result. I'd say it was orange though because they didn't have the mix right...
    And they call them selves beauty consultants!!!

  • Sirona

    I did exfoliate thoroughly yes.

    This morning I washed and most of the streakiness did come off....however its far from perfect. For instance, on my legs it seems to have gotten *into* my pores so my legs are tanned but speckly. And I am wearing something which shows my legs at the BBQ! And I don't even want to mention other areas...which are fortunately going to be covered by clothing!

    Overall though, it isn't very very bad....I can still go out

    Thanks for the sympathy!


    PS> and if I wasn't a glutton for punishment, I let my mother dye my hair today!!!!!

  • nsrn

    Go back and insist on a free 'touch up'. Remind them that you are their walking billboard, and they want to tell all your friends about the quality of care you received from them.....

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