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    Not ONE prophecy the WT ever said or predicted has ever come true.

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    Don't blink or you'll miss the building of Kingdom Hall
    VillageSoup Belfast, USA - 1 hour ago
    By Jay Davis. The new Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Route 3, by comparison, will be finished in two weeks. Two weekends, really. ...

    But enough of numbers. Arseneau said Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible is the word of God and try to live by the precepts Jesus lays forth in its pages. Love your neighbor is a key, he said. The "brothers and sisters" of the Kingdom Hall also look forward to Jesus' second coming, when a paradise will be established on earth "in which all will live in peace and righteous conditions," he said. The denomination grows about 2 to 3 percent a year around the globe and currently has more than 6 million members, who are glad to give back. [email protected] feedback Based in Belfast, Senior Reporter Jay Davis can be reached at 207-338-0484 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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    The "brothers and sisters" of the Kingdom Hall also look forward to Jesus' second coming, when a paradise will be established on earth "in which all will live in peace and righteous conditions," he said

    The last verse in the Bible Rev 22 "amen come lord Jesus"

    Back in 1981 i caught hell from an elder for using this above script as a frequent phrase of exclamation "amen come lord Jesus" he said don't ever say that people will thing your part of Christendom as we know that Jesus has already come

    Watchtower your slow sneaky and deliberate doctrinal shifts show that you know exactly what your doing

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    Total immersion
    Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - 44 minutes ago
    ... not forget. They're Jehovah's Witnesses recalling the key symbolic experience in their spiritual lives -- their baptism. A single ... A single message emerges: Theirs is a faith that demands what most Americans would consider great personal sacrifice. Jones, 88, says that since his baptism in 1953, when he was 35, he has sought to "read the Bible at least one hour every day" and to "witness to others" whenever he has the opportunity. And 17-year-old Darcell, a 2006 graduate of Cleveland Heights High School, says she can imagine nothing more important in her life than the mission of a Witness. That duty, she says, is to communicate -- to as many people as possible -- her belief that the Bible provides answers to many of life's questions. Sometimes the answers Witnesses find put them dramatically at odds with mainstream society. ----------------

    And 17-year-old Darcell, a 2006 graduate of Cleveland Heights High School, says she can imagine nothing more important in her life than the mission of a Witness.

    Hello again,your mission for over a hundred years is to that declare that Jesus Christ second coming has already occured in 1874,1914 AND that he delegated his kingly authority to his earthy 'brothers" at the Watchtower Bible and tract Society Eight Marks of a deadly Mind Control Cult applied to Jehovah's Witnesses

    Eight Marks of a Mind-Control Cult

    by Randall Watters Brainwashing has become almost a household word in the last two decades or so. In 1961, Robert J. Lifton wrote the definitive book on the subject, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, after studying the effects of mind control on American prisoners of war under the Communist Chinese. Lifton outlines eight major factors that can be used to identify whether a group is a destructive cult or not. Any authoritarian religion should be held up to the light in order to determine just how destructive their influence is on their members. Judge for yourselves.

    Milieu Control

    "Milieu" is a French word meaning "surroundings; environment." Cults are able to control the environment around their recruits in a number of ways, but almost always using a form of isolation. Recruits can be physically separated from society, or they can be warned under threat of punishment to stay away from the world's educational media, especially when it might provoke critical thinking. Any books, movies or testimonies of ex-members of the group, or even anyone critical of the group in any way are to be avoided. Information is carefully kept on each recruit by the mother organization. All are watched, lest they fall behind or get too far ahead of the thinking of the organization. Because it appears that the organization knows so much about everything and everyone, they appear omniscient in the eyes of the recruits.

    Mystical Manipulation

    In religious cults, God is ever-present in the workings of the organization. If a person leaves for any reason, accidents or ill-will that may befall them are always attributed to God's punishment on them. For the faithful, the angels are always said to be working, and stories circulate about how God is truly doing marvelous things among them, because they are "the truth." The organization is therefore given a certain "mystique" that is quite alluring to the new recruit.

    Demand for Purity

    The world is depicted as black and white, with little room for making personal decisions based on a trained conscience. One's conduct is modeled after the ideology of the group, as taught in its literature. People and organizations are pictured as either good or evil, depending on their relationship to the cult. Universal tendencies of guilt and shame are used to control individuals, even after they leave. There is great difficulty in understanding the complexities of human morality, since everything is polarized and oversimplified. All things classified as evil are to be avoided, and purity is attainable through immersion into the cult's ideology.

    The Cult of Confession

    Serious sins (as defined by the organization) are to be confessed immediately. The members are to be reported if found walking contrary to the rules. There is often a tendency to derive pleasure from self-degradation through confession. This occurs when all must confess their sins before each other regularly, creating an intense kind of "oneness" within the group. It also allows leaders from within to exercise authority over the weaker ones, using their "sins" as a whip to lead them on.

    The "Sacred Science"

    The cult's ideology becomes the ultimate moral vision for the ordering of human existence. The ideology is too "sacred" to call into question, and a reverence is demanded for the leadership. The cult's ideology makes an exaggerated claim for possessing airtight logic, making it appear as absolute truth with no contradictions. Such an attractive system offers security.

    Loading the Language

    Lifton explains the prolific use of "thought-terminating cliches," expressions or words that are designed to end the conversation or controversy. We are all familiar with the use of the cliches "capitalist" and "imperialist," as used by antiwar demonstrators in the 60's. Such cliches are easily memorized and readily expressed. They are called the "language of non-thought," since the discussion is terminated, not allowing further consideration. In the Watchtower, for instance, expressions such as "the truth", the "mother organization", the "new system", "apostates" and "worldly" carry with them a judgment on outsiders, leaving them unworthy of further consideration.

    Doctrine Over Person

    Human experience is subordinated to doctrine, no matter how profound or contradictory such experiences seem. The history of the cult is altered to fit their doctrinal logic. The person is only valuable insomuch as they conform to the role models of the cult. Commonsense perceptions are disregarded if they are hostile to the cult's ideology.

    Dispensing of Existence

    The cult decides who has the "right" to exist and who does not. They decide who will perish in the final battle of good over evil. The leaders decide which history books are accurate and which are biased. Families can be cut off and outsiders can be deceived, for they are not fit to exist!

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    Greetings DannyHaszard,

    :Go up anointed baldheads"

    Wonder where the shebears are? Great post Danny!


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    Bait & Switch Deception

    Watchtower 1914 "generations" flip-flop mutation,same DNA smaller chromosomes

    The Watchtower society is up to its old tricks again with mealy-mouthing on their teachings when it suits their purpose!

    You may all remember that in the October 15, 1995 WT, the society official had "new light" on the meaning of "this generation". (in reference to the generation alive during the end of this system)

    Review of Watchtower's old "new light":

    '....Since those alive since 1914 would have been in their 90's, the CHANGE was made to say that "this generation" was not literally the generation of 1914 but meant those alive at some point before the end that could discern the signs of the end'.

    Sound confusing?

    Now if this is the case, than why is there an article currently on the Watchtower's official website entitled "Gods purpose soon to be realized": http://www.watchtower.or g/library/pr/index.htm?article=article_0 7.htm

    This REPRINT of a 1993 WT that states 'that we are very close to end' because Jesus said "this generation will by no means pass away before the end comes" and says the beginning of the end started in 1914 and since THAT generation is now very elderly we know the time is soon.

    "New light" becomes "old light" again?

    This is the OLD teaching again! They are probably hoping some poor downtrodden refugee out there will be scared due to hurricane Katrina, read that article and think the end can be any day now and request a 'Bible study'.

    Please pass this information on,so people know will that the Watchtower is giving what they would consider false information out to the unsuspecting public. Maybe the current Witnesses will also be interested in seeing this first hand?


    Damage report:

    What is the significance of this spin on the internal belief system of Jehovah's Witnesses to the general population?

    Wasted lives languishing in limbo!

    Millions of members and associated non JW family members have put their lives and even their vital health care on hold,believing in the Watchtower's false "promises" of the imminent rapture.

    It's high time for the 'fraud in the name of God' Watchtower charlatans to fess up to their deceptive bait 'n switch practices now!
    Danny Haszard Bangor Maine-'expert witness on the Jehovah's Witness'

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    Who really is the one saying that he is delaying? The one who put a date, ergo a time limit on his presence? Or the one who questions the date, and in doing so questions the validity of those daters, and says it is not time yet, who is the evil slave that has not cared for the masters sheep?

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    How can they claim this????? Oh thats right no DATE, just a YEAR-1914. Their deceptive and legaistic tactics are sickening.


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    Good information Danny and everyone else to show the cover up of teaching for a 100+ years the 1914 dated

    There is no admission fee

    They will collect later in five weekly meetings

    and no collection is taken.

    Just your thinking ability and mind please drop in the collection plate.


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    The individual quoted was not referring to the beginning of Christ's PRESENCE (PAROUSIA - NT Greek), not his coming (ERCHOMAI - NT Greek). Witnesses have always taught that date when Jesus' comes at Armageddon is unknown, we don't when that will happen. In Matt. 24:3 the disciples asked Jesus for a sign of his PRESENCE, not COMING, as mistranslated by many English Bible versions (however many Lexicons and some popular translation do us the correct word presence instead of coming). I believe the composite sign indicates that Christ has been present in the special manner as taught by the Bible, and just as in the days of Noah, most people are ignoring the sign of his presence. After about 120 years or so of Noah preaching, the great flood occur. Witnesses have been pointing out from the Bible and preaching the about what Matt. 24:3 really teaches since the time of Russell, in which it is emphasized that the text in question refers to Jesus presence in kingdom power and not his future coming at Armageddon. The Emphasised Bible by Rotherman uses PRESENCE in each of the 24 times PAROUSIA occurs in the NT. Another translation that has "presence" rather than "coming" at Matthew 24:3, is Ferrar Fenton's The Complete Bible in Modern English.(1922) At Matthew 24:37 he reads; "And as in the days of Noah, so will also be the appearence of the Son of Man." This verse also plays a part in how parousia might more correctly be translated, especially in reference to the "parousia" of Jesus Christ. The two volume encyclopedia Insight on the Scriptures, published by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, makes a valid and pertinet point regarding the meaning of the original Greek word in the article 'Presence': " That Jesus parousia is not simply a momentary coming followed by a rapid departure but is, rather, a presence covering a period of time is also indicated by his words recorded at Matthew 24:37-39 and Luke 17:26-30. Here "the days of Noah" are compared to "the presence of the Son of man" (" the days of the Son of man," in Luke's account). Jesus, therefore, does not limit the comparison just to the coming of the Deluge as a final climax during Noah's days, though he shows that his own "presence" or "days" will see a similar climax. Since "the days of Noah" actually covered a period of years, there is basis for believing that the foretold "presence [or "days"] of the Son of man" would likewise cover a period of some years, being climaxed by the destruction of those not giving heed to the opportunity afforded them to seek deliverance." The Emphatic Diaglott, by Benjamin Wilson reads: "....and "What will be the SIGN of THY PRESENCE[parousia].and of the CONSUMATION of the AGE?"; and "For as the DAYS of NOAH, thus will be the PRESENCE[parousia] of the SON of MAN."-Matthew 24: 3, 37. The Concordant Literal New Testament with the Keyword Concordance reads at Matthew 24:3: "....And what is the sign of Thy presence[PAROUSIA] and the conclusion of the eon?" -Concordant Publishing Concern, 1983 3rd printing. The 1901 edition of ASV includes the word "presence" in the footnotes to Matt. 24:3 and other texts. Youngs Literal Translation also uses presence. Jay Greens NT interlinear also correctly uses the word "Presence" in it interlinear reading of Matt. 24:3 and the other texts. The Spanish Version Moderna include a footnote indicating that parousia really means "presencia (presence)", not "venida" (coming). So no, the individual was not making any "breathtaking" blasphemous statement. He was telling the truth. Since while we conclude Christ's presence began in 1914, the time of his coming at Armageddon is not known to man.

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