What makes a chick crazy?

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  • Warlock

    "Some morning, you are going to wake up with a knife in your back!".

    Is that crazy enough for you?

    That's what my best friends girlfriend told him one day.

    As for me, I don't, won't, and never will date a wacko.


  • lonelysheep
    For me, it usually comes down to; If she's a scorpio, she's prolly crazy/psycho...

    Please don't let those you've dealt with ruin it for the rest of us!!

  • Finally-Free
    For me, it usually comes down to; If she's a scorpio, she's prolly crazy/psycho...

    I met a few crazy scorpios, but I found their enthusiasm for sex made up for it.


  • OpenFireGlass
    For me, it usually comes down to; If she's a scorpio, she's prolly crazy/psycho...

    I met a few crazy scorpios, but I found their enthusiasm for sex made up for it.

    I agree about the sex part.... but I cannot deal with the jealousy/control factor of the relationship (I'm A Sagitarius, I need Freedom)

  • Jim_TX

    "...a woman who very calmly told me that the County had removed her children from her home due to neglect. She explained she wasn't worried about getting them back as she could always have more..."

    Sounds very much like Job's wife... oh. Sorry. Wrong thread.


    Jim TX

  • Jim_TX

    Well... when dating... I had several that might fall into this category...

    Example 1: I took out a gal who was nice and all... then tells me something like "You passed that test."

    Later, she tells me again... "You passed that test." in relation to some minor detail.

    WTF????? I never liked taking 'tests' in High School... I still don't like them.

    Needless to say... that didn't last past 2 dates.

    Example 2: I take out another gal... she had a 'nicname' on the dating service... don't remember what it was... something like 'whiteknight' or something like that.

    Anyway, we meet at a restaurant for lunch, and the conversation is pleasant enough, but when I ask her name, she says to just call her 'whiteknight'.

    I thought that was odd... not even a first name to call her by... After thinking about it, I decided to not pursue this one.

    A few weeks later, I get an e-mail - she wants to meet again for lunch. I agree... thinking that I might get 'lucky' and learn her name... no such luck.

    I knew where she worked... and the thought crossed my mind that I could send her a dozen roses - a 'congradulations on your new job' type of thing... plus maybe make a few points in the 'good guy' department - but I'll be danged if I send some roses to the Texas Department of Public Transportation addressed to 'whiteknight'!!

    Needless to say... I never called/e-mailed her again.

    Example 3: This one was a bit ... over the top...

    I took out a gal - who was nice... or seemed so... we had a pleasant evening... and she told me that she liked to hug a lot. I thought... "That's nice."

    When we parted for the evening, sure enough - we went in for a hug.... that lasted... and lasted... and lasted... I was almost out of breath... she was holding me too tight - for too long.

    There are 'time limits' to hugs... and she exceeded them by far. Kinda on the creepy side...

    I didn't call her back...

    These examples may not qualify for the 'crazy' department in some minds... but they did in mine.


    Jim TX


    I got caught up in all kinds of drama on this one. This was after my divorce, which was caused by a number of things (mostly J-Dub related). After about 6 months of alone time, I figured I would start to date again. Well, I had met a real nice lady online. We chatted, shared emails, and such for about 3 months. I finally broached the topic of meeting face to face, and she agreed. I drove to Palm Springs to meet her, and everything went great. We had a great day, and I was sad to leave. We made plans to meet again the next weekend, but she came to L.A. Same results. Great day, we were both sad to leave each other. The third weekend we spent together I stayed at her house. THis went on for about the next two months, and then she tells me she is pregnant. I was shocked, for reasons that will be explained later, and asked how far along she was. She said about a month, and I said, OK what do you want to do about it. She said that she wanted an abortion, and that I should pay for it. I said, that would be fine, but I wanted to know that she was pregnant, so I asked if she would fax me a copy of the Doctor's prognosis. She went ballistic, and called me every name possible, and some that I had never heard of.

    I listened to her rant for about 10 minutes, and then said that her getting pregnant should be quite interesting considering the fact that I had a vasectomy after my daughter was born, and that if she is indeed pregnant it was not by me, and that based on this episode, I didn't think that she was the most healthy choice to share my life with. Off she goes into another profanity laden tirade, and I hung-up on her.

    Well, long story short, about 8 months from that conversation I get a letter from the San Bernardino County Court say that I need to pay child support to this woman and her child. I forwarded the letter to my attorney with my story, and he says no problem, and orders a paternity test. Well, the kids wasn't mine. She is the child of some gang-banger with ties to La Eme (Mexican Mafia). Now I am freaked out. This girl gave me no indication that she was tied up with these sort of people. And then the harrassment starts. Phone calls at all hours of the night. Cars driving by my apartment building slowly & with the lights off. Phone calls to my work. Stuff like that. The cops were useless, and the courts were a joke.

    Needless to say I move, however, they found out where I moved to, and the cars were driving by again. The harrassment caused such a problem at work that I was asked to resign, which I did. After about 6 months of this, I was finally able to move to a location that they didn't find out about. I moved in with an old friend of my dad's, and all the bils were in his name. I had all of my mail sent to a P.O. Box. Only now, 5 years after this incident have I put my name on anything.

    I still sweat a bit, but I think I shook them.

    This was one crazy chick.

  • Fe2O3Girl
  • jojochan

    With a question like that it's like asking why is water wet? Why is the sky blue?

    I wish I knew. IMO it depends on the girl, and what position she's put under that would drive her crazy.

    "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?...the world may never know."

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