So tired of grief

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  • Sunnygal41

    Memories of times past and people past who have meant alot to us...........I've been going through that stuff lately too..........and, even though my mom is okay right now.............I am carrying a ball of grief around knowing the day will come that I will get that call that she has passed over..........I can already feel the pain of it............I've been reminiscing about old friends from my dub years too, lately and I think about my grandparents who died.........lots of stuff that for years I put on hold to just deal with life day to day because that was hard I making any sense? you Sirona!!

  • Sirona
    am I making any sense? you Sirona!!

    Yes, you make sense.



  • crazyblondeb


    On another board someone had a saying from a Celtic prayer "Be easy on someone grieving, especially if it is you who are grieving." shelley

  • Sirona

    Oh and strangely I forgot to mention all the so called "friends" I had at the hall. I grieve for them too.

    I am stronger for it, I'm just having a very introspective time right now.....


  • Gadget


  • Cordelia

    sirona. i am here for you any time day or night just call,

    you have amazed me with how strong you've been thru all this, you are a miraculous lovely strong woman and i admire you

    love your friend forever cordy x

  • poppers

    Robdar is right on the money with her advice. The shortest quickest way to end grief is to go right into it fully. The physical sensations of it are due to the retention of the "story" behind the grief in an energetic form. Feel the sensations fully without the accompanying story. Whenever the story of it arises put attention more fully on the sensations in the body.

  • lonelysheep
    The next time you meditate, tune into your body. Locate where you are storing the grief. Go into that spot and be one with it. Allow yourself to feel the grief, do not fight it. Grieve with it, cry with it, and stay with it until you feel the pain release. The release will come eventually. When your meditation is over, take a warm shower and then go have some chocolate.

    I'm with Rodbar, ((((Sirona)))).

    I just don't know that grief really ever goes away for good. Though it may not be as often as it once was, it lingers, waiting to storm in with a "Hello, remember me?" The moments still come to me, and I have to let it confront me, feel it, and release the pain that exists for that time.

  • fairchild

    Hi Sirona, perhaps this will be of some help.

    I have lost several people, but two of those were especially close to me. The first one I lost over twenty years ago, the second great loss was last March, just a few moths ago. Both losses have definitely affected my life in a very profound way. Losing someone you love deeply is not something you can step away from in a few days, not even months. There will always be a void and personally I do not believe that this void can be filled by something or by someone else. If you have a row of 6 old huge maple trees in your back yard and one of the trees falls over in a storm, you will never see another old huge maple tree there again. The picture of your back yard will change. It is the same thing. With each loss, the picture of one's life changes and there is nothing we can say or do to restore it to how it originally was. It will never be the same again. Sometimes different is better, but when it comes to losing someone, different is never, ever better. So where lies the consolation in all this? The key word is acceptance. Unfortunately there is no pill to cure grief, but accepting that people we love have moved on to somewhere beyond our understanding will at least have a placebo effect on our minds.

    Good luck


  • Satanus

    Big hug (((((sirona))))))


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