Hello! Im new here........

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  • Garden Rose
    Garden Rose

    I am familiar with the Jehovahs Witness faith though I have never belonged to it. I am not attracted to it.
    I am deeply interested in the welfare of individuals who have been injured in their souls. I am deeply interested in the processes of individualized healing; since this world has so many beautiful things in it...and beautiful people.

    I believe Jehovahs Witnesses are treated with extreme cruelty because an individual has made a mistake
    that any human being could make and thousands do.

    I was directed to this forum because I was told you are all fine thinkers. I would like to communicate with you. Do you have unresolved issues? I am wise with possible solutions. I would like to hear from you.

    Respectfully and Warmly,

    Garden Rose

  • under_believer

    Welcome to the forum! There are some fine thinkers here (myself excluded, of course.)
    I have no comment on the rest of your post, however; my problems remain too personal and involve others whose situations I am not (yet) at liberty to expose.

  • Carmel

    "A rose is a rose, in what ever garden it grows!" How's that for "fine thinkin"?


    oh! Welcome Rosey

  • Robdar

    Hi Rose. Who directed you here?

  • arrowstar

    Welcome....it's a pleasure to meet you


  • Poztate
    Do you have unresolved issues? I am wise with possible solutions. I would like to hear from you.

    Glad to hear from you. The best way to help and give solutions is to join in on the discussion. Another voice is always welcomed.

  • Cellist

    Hello Garden Rose, welcome to the board.


  • crazyblondeb

    Welcome to the board. It's kinda strange how you would get directed to this board, out of all the boards on the internet. Care to be a little more specific on how you came here?

    Yes, alot of us have issues. Some build up enough trust here to open up, share, and begin healing. This board has been a life-saver for me.

    blessed be


  • lonelysheep

    Welcome to JWD, Garden Rose.

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Hi Garden Rose!

    Welcome to the board and tell us more about yourself!


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