Time is their enemy

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  • RunningMan

    Very good point.

    Even when I was still a loyal JW, I would always pause and think every new year's eve. The generation is one year older. The time of the end is one year further along. It can't last much longer. One of these years, the camel's back will break. Eventually it did, for me.

  • fjtoth
  • zanex

    so true so true...those who were once branded as disfellowshipped and convinced that they were worthless find that there IS worth and there IS life outside of the "troof". I find the strength in myself in something i once feared-active witnesses. Thanx lis...i think this post helpd me make a decision and a series of decision i had been chewing on for a while..smile! Thanx!


  • fjtoth
  • dmouse

    Abso-bloody-lutely it is. Time is their greatest enemy.

    I remember many years ago, when I realised the JWs had no more idea about God’s plans than the ant on my sandwich, telling an elder that the ‘generation of 1914’ WOULD pass away. It was inevitable. And sure enough it did, with the Society forced to readjust the meaning of scripture with the passage of time. That elder told me the scripture was absolutely clear and irrefutable. He is still an elder; he is still waiting for that which will never come.

    I feel sorry for my ex-wife, who pushed out a man who loved her for the sake of her religion. In 40-50 years time she will die a bitter and lonely old woman still waiting for Armageddon to solve her problems.

    Time IS their greatest enemy. But it will be a slow death.

  • Poztate
    I asked her if she still felt that way, as she was fixing to enter her 60's. She denied ever saying it.

    I don't know what it is but they do have a SELECTIVE memory.It has been very frustrating with my wife when I say "they used to believe bla bla" and she denies it to my face.It is a MIND controlling cult for sure..

  • freetosee

    Someone help me out here, I haven’t been to the meeting for long. Who is the one "having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time."?

    I can still hear the elders say: "Well, as we see brothers, time left is reduced, so buy out the opportune time!"

    Actually, they have always come up with something new (light), I can’t wait to see what is will be this time to prolong the imminent deliverance. But at some time they will be running out of excuses.


  • parakeet

    ***Who is the one "having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time."?***
    Back in my JW days, in the 1970s, we were told that it was Satan getting cast down to earth after that great heavenly battle in 1914 (1918?), and that's why he is causing so much trouble before the end. Don't know if that teaching has changed.

  • Sacchiel

    I feel so bad for the deceived. I've lost friends who passed away believing this lunacy of WT and never having a relationship with Christ.

  • fjtoth

    It appears that the Devil has changed his mind about having "a short period of time." We haven't had a nuclear war such as he seemed to have threatened us with in the 1950s and 1960s. We haven't had a "World War" since 1945. There hasn't been a horrible holocaust such as in the days of Hitler's concentration camps nor any pograms such as those instituted by Stalin. The Spanish flu hasn't returned since 1918 nor anything like it. Etc., etc.

    Sure, times are tough for a lot of people, but it does seem like things have settled down somewhat except for the threat right now by Muslim extremists. But we're living far longer than our grandparents, and many diseases have been brought under control. Things are sort of quiet compared to earlier parts of the "1914 generation" period. It seems to me, if the WT has any semblance of truth in it about the Devil's activity, his anger must have brought on a heart attack or stroke, and he's taking some time to rest up a bit. Poor fellow!

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