Time is their enemy

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  • Terry

    Jesus returned as King in 1914 and did bloody what?



  • LDH
    Somebody (I think it may have been Leolaia) remarked in another thread that current JW doctrine is crafted around the immediate post-war era and it was at that point when it was the most "believable."

    Today, all the things that weren't supposed to happen, are happening (As you point out) and all the things that were supposed to happen, aren't.

    RE: Leolaia's post, this is self-evident in their words of choice. "The Society" how freaking Orwellian does *that* sound?

  • Gill

    You are so right....Time is their enemy. However, it is also the enemy of many people still mentally trapped.

    I found this thread very moving. Yesterday I ran into a JW relative, one who has always ignored us and avoided me if she saw me in the street. She is forty years old now, and has spent most of her life pioneering....fanatically!

    She is going on holiday with a family with young children, she said. She laughed nervously, 'I hope I don't get broody. I haven't got broody so far...and it would be a shame to, now, after all these years.'

    She has not had children purposely so that she could pioneer.

    Wasn't it odd, that after all this time of not speaking she brought up, almost immeadiately 'broodiness'. They say you speak whatever is foremost on your mind. I suspect she realises that her time for having children is almost over now. The chance will be gone....forever.

    I wonder how she will feel in another five or ten years when menopause hits and she has wasted her life peddling the ShitTower!

    I felt and still feel very sad for her and so many others. Wasted lives, wasted skills and talents, and wasted Time.

    What a big WASTE!

  • Highlander

    'I hope I don't get broody. I haven't got broody so far...

    Sounds to me like she needs to get a little broody

  • avengers
  • brutusmaximus

    I know a couple who were putting off having kids due to waiting on the end but guess what she is pregnant (and good for them) guess they got bored waiting

    However when you talk time with them it always comes back "a 1,000 years is but one day to Jah" so we must be patient, blah, blah, blah I say

    Tick, tock


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