DC, all but gave directions to the JWD site

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  • Stealth453

    "They consider us "spiritual porn""

    Excellent point.

  • under_believer

    I'd like to amend to that bit on the "Internet Skit."
    Posters here seemed surprised at the specificity of the skit, and truthseeker's notes said "Talk against the Governing Body?"
    In reality the (more accurate but still not verbatim) words were "This says the Governing Body is directing the Katrina relief work only towards prominent ones in the Congregation, and not the poorer brothers and sisters."
    Now THAT is specific. That is so specific that it can only have come from the writer of the skit or one of his researchers actually doing a web search and finding that information.
    It is also incorrect; I know several who helped in that relief effort and by their report (and they are people I trust, Witness or no) they spent almost all of their time in the Lower Ninth Ward.
    So what this amounts to is a strawman; a very specific purported "apostate claim", one which is easily debunked (and one which many who are hearing have personal experience to contradict), exactingly designed to make ex-JWs and "apostates" look foolish and petty.

  • TresHappy

    They should have their own world-wide Internet service - call it the Watchtower Web. Dutiful and obedient JW's pay a nominal fee to sign up and the computer only lets them go to Watchtower-approved sites. Have your own e-mail - [email protected] - sounds like a winner to me. The search engine they use is called Jehovah - search in Jehovah's search engine and you only get WT approved web sites.

    Only one problem - it only lets you go to www.watchtower.org

  • jwfacts
    No such thing as bad publicity.

    Exactly, JWD couldnt ask for better advertising. I did not even think of looking to the internet until I was well and truly convinced it was a crock of s***. But if I had heard the internet being brought up so often it may well have sparked my interest.

  • blondie

    If the WTS were going to control media to that extent, they would have with TV, cable, and vcrs/dvds. They know they can't control it to that extent; the biggest offenders would be the elders themselves and their families.

    Each time some new technology comes out, tv, cable, vcrs/dvds, the WTS tries to demonize it but gradually as it becomes less expensive, JWs buy tvs (2 or 3; big screen, wall-mounted plasma, etc); cable (I know elders who check to see what channels people have on cable when they visit); dvds/vcrs (I know elders who try to check what people have; looking for R-rated and up). The day will come when most JWs in developed countries (or others) will have at least one computer in their home and connected to the internet to pay bills, send e-mails/videos/digital photos to family and friends, buy things online, book travel, etc.


  • free2beme

    If they consider us spiritual porn, do they masturbate to this site?

  • jayhawk1

    About 7 years ago, an Elder told me to stay away from sites such as "Watch the Tower" or something like that. I didn't have a computer at the time, but less than a year later I bought one and made that one of my first searches. I should thank that Elder for his help.

  • free2beme

    It's like telling a child not to get that big tasty chocolate chip cookie from the cookie jar.

  • Highlander

    dvds/vcrs (I know elders who try to check what people have; looking for R-rated and up)

    Yep, I've seen that happen personally. An elder came over to visit with my roommate and his g/f (it was kind of a shepherding call about dating) and proceeded to inspect my

    roommate's cd's, dvd's and books. Later this roommate discarded various movies and CD's. He became an MS too. Fortunately, he woke up and has now faded away.

  • purplesofa
    Then he says, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I don't need this, the society mentioned about apostates opposing us on the Internet. I think I'll go to the official website of the Watchower"

    Recently I started a thread which showed comments from a JW site on the Cano arrest.

    It is a JW site............not THE JW site. I was threatened with a lawsuit by one of the mods for posting some of their comments here. The thread has been moved.

    I have been online for seven years.........I have watched so many sites closed down because the society has asked witnesses to do it. With great information, ways to meet other witnesses all over the world........I mean how long can someone be satisified associating with the same........lets say 100 people in ones congo.

    Why this particular site did not follow the advice of the society.......i dont know.

    In their threat they said they were not scared (of apostates) I have never posted at their site and felt that posting their view here was only to see the other sides opinion. I was not trying to be malicious.

    The way I found this site was just looking around for a JW site to meet people. I started reading, the comments here were exactly as I was feeling as thinking.....and I thought how great to find JW's who felt as I did and were able to express it.

    ok ......lol....whats my point....forgot!!

    There is no way they can control the whole lot of almost 7 million people and what is online. The only people that are going to take the counsel as gold when it comes to the internet are people that dont even have computers.........the can repeat word for word The KM's, conventions, mags...advice on the use of internet and yet could not even turn one on.

    It would be much better to teach insulation and not isolation.

    But really I don't care.


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