DC, all but gave directions to the JWD site

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  • greendawn

    There is obviously a lot of information on the net against them and because they know that in most instances the other side is right they don't want people to look there. It's easy to leave the WTS after some enlightment on the internet.

  • DannyHaszard

    There is a saying in alcoholics anonymous (AA) about going into a Pub just for association they say-"if you hang around a barber shop long enough your going to get a haircut".

    A while back common bond the gay exJW support board was the most viewed apostate site now who do you think the curious were who logged on?

  • Balsam

    Just about a year before I left in 2001 they were constantly droning on about the dangers of the internet and apostate sites. I thought apostate sites? You mean people who leave the witnesses are pissed off enough to actually have a web-site against the Watchtower Society?????

    That really got me thinking, the more they mentioned the danger of apostate sites the more I knew something was wrong. How could a devotion to biblical truth arouse such a hatred. I finally staritng reading apostate sites. Some of it I just didn't understand like when it talked about CT Russell. I thought so what because I didn't understand how the teachings he had then had changed so much. But when they mentioned 1975 I sat up and paid attention. I came into the JW's because of the expected end in 1975. Gradually reading in the privacy of my home without my MS husband home I knew the so called apostate had a big old bone to pick with the governing body.

    So the more the WTBTS warns the followers against the internet the more they will be looking if they got any gumption to them at all. That is what made me look. If they had never mentioned dangers of the internet damaging our faith I probably would have never looked. They are their own worst enemy, the more they holler the more people leave. LOL


  • wednesday

    I have been a independent opposer of the "loving elders" for a long time. I reached a point in my disgut that I told several outright they no longer had any control over my life and I woud not be answering to them. I did this without ever looking at one piece of apostate material. It was because of jws themselves, and things I had seen and had had happen to me/ my family personally. The net has been a great help, but I came to my conclusion before it. It has helped a lot since . Reading stories of people who have gone thrugh similar things I have. It has given me hope to go on. as balsam said above, when the net became available, I began to research, ever so slowy. First i actually looked for other jws who wre abused like me but still wanted to serve jehovah. Hard to find them. Finally I find a message board, one poste I will never forget is mommydark. I read her posts and suddenly realixed "this is why people are leaving jws, people like me" since then i have walked slowly in the doctrine dept., b/c i was so scared. but now I read and study those posts too. I'm afraid the wts has done a number on my feelings for God.

  • truthseeker

    Ocsrf, these were my notes at the DC regarding researching info on JW's...

    11:10 Delivered from the trap of the Birdcatcher - *** APOSTATE ALERT!!! ***

    Satan is the Great Birdcatcher, always looking for a way to catch JW's. How does he do this?

    Satan uses four methods:

    1) Fear of man

    2) Materialism - Get Rich Quick Schemes - speaker failed to mention any examples.

    3) Entertainment

    4) Personal differences and divisions

    Other traps - Satan is cunning, he tries to ban the work - case of Ohio v Stratton mentioned (where JW's had to get a permit to preach)

    DEMONSTRATION: A brother decides to search on the Internet for progress reports on the JW Hurrican Katrina relief work. He uses a search engine (not specified which search engine) and finds an article.

    Then he says, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I don't need this, the society mentioned about apostates opposing us on the Internet. I think I'll go to the official website of the Watchower"

    SIDE NOTE: The mention of searching for JW news articles on the Internet AND the mention of the brother finding NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNING BODY is the FIRST example I have ever heard given of what a witness could find on the Internet about JW's and not just the usual "half-truths and apostate lies" mentioned.

    It seems there is some desperation there - how many witnesses must have found out negative things concerning the Governing Body?

  • wednesday

    wow very specific, if I had still been a jws in that audience I would have rushed home to look up hurricane katrina and GB etc. I would have wanted to know what is the accusation?

  • truthseeker

    Wednesday, I agree with you entirely. They really are desparate now, it's the end-game for them.

  • RaceBannon

    Just remember that anyone can create their own web page and publish any information they want. If you use the proper "TAGS" - a google search will bring up your site guaranteed.

    There is an abundance of BS on the net - buyer beware.

  • DannyHaszard
    SIDE NOTE: The mention of searching for JW news articles on the Internet AND the mention of the brother finding NEGATIVE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNING BODY is the FIRST example I have ever heard given of what a witness could find on the Internet about JW's and not just the usual "half-truths and apostate lies" mentioned

    keyword Jehovah's Witnesses katrina relief http://www.google.com/search?num=50&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&q=jehovah%27s+witnesses+katrina+relief&btnG=Search click this you got to see

  • diamondblue1974

    respectfully disagree, they are concerned about research site, thye know jws are looking into the un, 1914, child abuse stuff,and heaven forbid, they find out about the brother at bethel. just yesterday talked with a siswho knew very well about this,and nearly freaked out when i mentioned "news" . I could hear it in her voice.

    I was being sarcastic....you are absolutely spot on!

    The resolution they made was supported by the fact that they were losing many brothers to 'porn'. Hardly, what is more accurate is that on the net you can learn much more than they want you to know and thats why they are losing people.


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