Do you think a nuclear weapon will be used in war or terrorism in our time?

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  • proplog2


    We don't want to miss the point of the fact that 2 nuclear weapons have already been used. They weren't loose nukes. They weren't launched impulsively or in rage. Rational thought went into the decision. The US decided that the advantages out weighed the disadvantages.

    All of this tells me that "any" person, organization, or nation that has a nuclear weapon might consider it in their best interest to kill several hundred thousand people at some point.

    It HAS happened. It is highly probable that it will happen again.

    Tell me I should feel positive about this. (Metatron?)

  • yaddayadda

    Yep, I'm absolutely convinced we will see a nuclear weapon used in our time, sad to say. It's only a matter of time.

  • Gregor

    Proplog, No argument here. I think I said the same thing a couple of posts back. If you have a finer point re. the US use of 2 A-bombs at the end of WWII I failed to catch it. Frankly, I think it is irrelevant. You're damned right there are those who would use a nuke at the drop of a hat if they could. And not in any military war scenario, but rather a non-military terrorist attack, i.e., the same people who recruit suicide bombers to kill a bus load of high school kids. The terrorists decision would be based on nothing more than the fact that they hate non-muslims, esp. us. Nope, it's not a pretty picture and that's why I am all for a pro-active defense of our country. We have tied up a lot of terrorists and their resources several thousand miles away from our shores since 9/11 and 5 yrs later our military loses are still short of the civilian loses we suffered in a three hour period on that infamous date. To me it's real simple, it's us or them. Collateral damage is the real world, not some neat, tidy Armageddon that zaps the wordly sinner without singeing the hair of the JW standing next to him.

  • proplog2

    I would bet that there are already nuclear weapons ready to go in some major metro areas. I think Putin will be the one responsible for setting them off.

    I believe only one will be detonated so that it doesn't raise suspicions about who was behind it. Terrorists will be blamed - as a way for Putin to misdirect the blame. Russia doesn't need the US for trade. With the US crippled it gives Russia a chance to fill in the vacuum.

    When the bomb goes off in New York that will be the "disgusting thing that causes desolation" standing where it shouldn't.

    Putin will again rush to express condolences to Bush just as he did on 9-11.

    Over a period of a year or two the US will figure out that terrorists didn't set off the bomb.

    All good investigators ask CUI BONO - Who Benefits

    It will be obvious that Russia will have benefited. The world chaos will justify a third term for Putin whose current two term limit ends March 2008. The CIS will realize that their best options are with Russia and NOT the USA. Russia will form a federation of its former republics. The hegemonic policies of the USA will be repudiated.

    When it becomes too obvious that Russia will have gained the most- Russia out of fear will launch an all out first strike attack on the US using nuclear weapons. In one hour the Riches of Babylon the Great (USA) will be devasted.

    In that period between the bombing of New York and the final destruction of Babylon the Great Jehovah's Witnesses will exit the USA to live in sack cloth exile with their brothers in faith in South & Central America and perhaps another area of the world.

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  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    rrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhht (in a dr evil voice)

  • roybatty
    Some aspects of nuclear terrorism are vastly exaggerated. The further that the Soviet Union recedes into history, the less likely it is that their

    weapons will be used by terrorists. I am unaware of any hard proof that "suitcase bombs" ever really existed. Plutonium gets physically hot

    enough to degrade any weapon it is made into, so there is a shelf life factor here and it's long past, as the Russians admit.

    North Korea is all bluff and hot air. They know quite well that a missile launched at the US would be national suicide.

    Israel isn't worried about the Arabs. Syria is the only remaining opponent on their borders - and the Syrians aren't even close to matching

    them. Besides, Syria must worry about Turkey - who made them back down in quiet humiliation some years ago over Kurdish terrorism.

    Pakistan IS a problem - but keep in mind that they must contend with India and its nukes as well.

    Excellent post. Pakistan is the one that worries me. I don't believe as a nation they would act against the U.S. but all it would take would be a rogue general and / or army unit. Then again, maybe I've been watching too much 24.

  • FairMind

    The world is walking a tightrope with regard to the use of nuclear weapons. Do I think they will be used (again)? Yes I do, but hopefully and still catastrophically only limitedly. The major catalyst for the next major world confrontation will be control of the earth’s rapidly diminishing supply of oil. The oil fields are peaking and soon will enter the depletion stages of their life.

    My honest opinion is that we will see if Jesus' statement "that if those days were not cut short there would be no flesh spared" is fulfilled.

  • Robdar

    I don't see what Armageddon, God or Jesus has to do with a nuclear strike. We may be living in the last days but it isn't because God gives a fock about what happens to the puny, ego-driven humans on this planet. By the way we are recklessly destroying His earth, He'd probably be glad to see us go. Man will snuff himself out and nature will rush in to fill the void. God has nothing to do with it, people!

  • Satanus

    I think the fear of neuclear weapons is much higher than it should be. Sure there are lots of big ones, but there are also lots of micro nukes. The last i read, the us military was pumping out these babies like cookies. It wouldn't surprise me if some micro nukes have already been used, but their use covered up, cuz they looked almost identical to a regular large bomb.

    The possibility of delivery to the us mainland of a large nuke by a socalled rogue nation is very low possibility, imo. Certainly none of the major powers would do it. A big nuke would hurt the world economy and the perp nation would suffer as well. The world economy is in good shape and getting better. No major power wants to mess it up.


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