As far as I know, I will be missing for 3 days...

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  • AuldSoul

    Oh heavens! What a response! And no PMs yet...Priest73, upper left corner of the have something in your inbox .

    I won't be attending the Convention. I've sworn off those until I can get some shirts with interesting Scriptures embroidered on the collars. Ever noticed how much time you spend looking down at the collars of people in front of you at the Conventions?

    I will either be delighting myself with some off-Convention Site entertainment (like my computer game) or meeting up with some unsuspecting soul who is brave enough (foolish enough?) to tell me where and when.

    (kls, shame on you. I am a guy. And not a metrosexual one, either can fling poo now, my favo-rite monkey lady)


  • under_believer

    Auld, if you've not patched your Oblivion yet, have you tried the watermelon duping bug? There's this bug where you can shoot a watermelon with an arrow in a certain way and just millions of watermelons will pour out of the original one in a huge flood until your game eventually crashes. People have posted videos of it. It's awesome.
    Other fun things to try in Oblivion:
    * Become a vampire as soon as possible (join the Dark Brotherhood is one good way), and try to "finish" the main quest that way.
    * Get that spell that makes people go berserk. Go downtown in one of the cities. Cast it on as many people as you can find.
    * Close every Oblivion gate
    That game has so many possibilities...

  • Confession

    My last District Convention was two years ago...Summer of 2004. Disfellowshipped and not yet fully understanding that the organization wasn't what it claims to be, I went. But I stayed in the car while there (at the Pontiac Silverdome,) listening to the program on the radio. I even took notes.

    It was shortly thereafter when the shocking truth about "The Truth" shook me like tug to the cerebral cortex. It was my last such convention. I hope this one--even though you're apparently only driving to it--is your last, AuldSoul.

  • rebel8

    Someone I know just took a silent retreat, meaning you don't engage in conversation or speak at all for several days. She read books, took naps and walks, and sat outside in the sun. Oh, and she took long drives in the country. She said at first it was wierd, but by the 2nd day she was loving it--very relaxing and refreshing--like nothing she had ever experienced. Might be interesting to try.

    Of course if you were to do that, you'd have to buy earplugs so you didn't have to listen to your wife's witnessing in the evenings.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Well AS, I don't envy you, but I hope you find plenty to do while your wife is getting her wts fix. I would rather stare at the hotel room wall for 8 hours than go to a dc, but I'm sure you'll find some way to entertain yourself. I'd pack some earplugs if I were you, to shut out the dc "highlights" when your wife returns after each day of torture. Good luck anyway, and I look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

  • uk humanist
    uk humanist

    I went with my wife went to a convention last year, and I attended for half a day.
    My mouth kept dropping at things: mainly the sexism and the prejudice against non-JWs.
    My take-away from the experience was "I've never been so insulted in all my life" and I meant it.

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board,

  • mouthy

    OOps that was an error (old age. ) ABOVE!!!

    If I was you I would take a visit around the town see the sights, Swim in the hotel pool a good aversion ANYTHING but listening to the "LOVE: of the watchtower cre.

  • FreeFromWTBS

    Pick up a new hobby. I have a friend that took up wood carving, she makes these cute little characters and it is pretty portable. I personally crochet and sew and love an afternoon by myself. You could also search the net, I am sure there are things to do in Georgia.

  • Confession

    Yeah, that's it, AuldSoul. As if shopping wasn't "metrosexual" enough, you could always take up crocheting. You could yarn together some sweet, little tea cozies perhaps.

    Just teasing him, Free From.

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