As far as I know, I will be missing for 3 days...

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  • AuldSoul

    As much as I love reading what you all have to say, I must be gone for a few. My wife has this crazy idea that she NEEDS to go to the District Convention. What a life we unbelieving mates (UBMs) have, eh?

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say I will be in Columbus, GA for the next few days and if anyone lives nearby that would like to meet up somewhere, please PM me. Otherwise I will spend my days in solitude with naught for entertainment but Oblivion (the best computerized RPG I've ever run across).

    So PLEASE help me make my wife think it is so cool not to be a JW. If she comes home every day and finds I've done nothing but dust the hotel furniture with the seat of my pants, she will think non-JWs are boring and uninteresting people. LOL.

    Shout out to Columbus, GA! Where are you people? By PM please. Only by PM.

    AuldSoul (of the "I'm out of town and my mind" class)

  • Warlock

    Have a good time anyway, but don't forget to ask her if there was a lot of seat saving.

    Warlock (believing mate, AND STILL NOT GOING)

  • kls

    Ya poor poor guy but look at the bright side ,,,,,,,,,,,You won't be filling up a convention seat and listening to all the Bull .

    Now don't ya feel alittle better

    Go shopping ,thats always fun

  • juni

    Make use of the hotel pool!!


  • sass_my_frass

    Did you get your JWD patch? 2.5 cm square, skin-toned, water resistant, you can stick it on your inside upper arm so nobody will even notice you're wearing one. It will infuse into your bloodstream all of the emotional support, dumbass elder gossip, heartfelt stories and alternative viewpoints that you need to get you through any difficult period in which you're unable to access JWD. It lasts up to 48 hours.

  • blondie


    At least you can find out when Armageddon is coming this year


    If there was a resolution and what it said (assuming your wife doesn't sleep through that part).


  • Priest73

    how do you PM? I spend many a summer in Macon at the DC...


  • TresHappy

    I love hotels, no making up the bed, using up all the ice in the machine to fill up the cooler to take sandwiches since Jehovah took that arrangement away, then lovingly placing the new releases on the hotel dresser to proudly read before going to bed and starting all over again. Those were the days...I lost my Bible so I took the Gideon to the assembly from the hotel room...

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    You know Auld Soul, Nina guilted me into more than a few district conventions (assemblies? what are they called now?). I tried zoning out, I tried napping, I tried day dreaming.

    My ultimate solution, and it worked really well, was to bring a book. I brought a Tom Clancy novel. I don't remember the title, but the the back cover or the spine had the American flag on it. ().

    I noticed the hundreds of raised eyebrows, as they bounced off the ceiling, and I gave them The Look (Bring it on). No one dared say anything and I was happily ignorant of all that nonsensical bullshit.

    My the Force Be With You.

    Or substance.

  • TresHappy

    Oh yes, the ultimate was going down to the pool and talking Jehovah stuff and the other patrons in the hotel looked at us like we were crazy...oh that's we were!

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