18,136 More Publishers in March

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  • mkr32208

    Well the great fudge is upon us! How long can this go on? We see conventions with one person getting baptized soon we will see them with NONE! Congregations are consolidating I've not seen a witness on my street in at least 2 years (and I'm a stay at home dad so I see them) and I'm only a mile from a hall!

    I feel like I'm watching the Enron thing again! "Yes it's fine yes it's fine stop looking at that report and LISTEN TO ME! I SAID IT'S FINE!"

  • Warlock


    The pioneer's either drive the wagon..............or bake the bread...........or cook the chicken.

    The publishers print and bind................but, seriously....................

    Pioneers have an monthly field service requirement (door to door, street witnessing, bible studies) totaling 60 hours a month, I think. Used to be 90 when I first got in.

    Publishers are just the rank and file, get 1 plus hours a month in the same work.

    Someone else will either add to, or correct what I said, but I think this is a simple explanation.


  • metatron

    18,136 more publishers? Sorry, you have no hard proof of that. What you do have is evidence that 18,136 more people wrote down some

    claim of putting in time in the "ministry" during that month. Meanwhile, what do declining baptisms and dropping contributions tell us?

    That much of this 1000, 000 in the US are the Watchtower's version of "Rice Christians". Isn't it strange that such "strength" coincides

    with Bethel layoffs, massive cuts in the Awake, presses frequently idle at Wallkill, cheapened paperback literature, and desperate

    resolutions not to go on chat rooms?


  • AuldSoul
    Regular Pioneers are up by about 1,500. Auxiliary Pioneers are up 14%.

    It's a GOOD THING, too. Because last year they somehow misplaced more than 15,200 of them. That is, last year there were 15,200+ fewer pioneers (combined) than the previous service year. So they are only making some small headway in regaining what they LOST the preceding year. Kudos to them for that.

    Looks like widely publicized pedophilia is also on the rise. And working its way up the chain of command, too. This time it was a Bethel Elder, Congregation Book Study conductor, who (1) lived in the B complex at Wallkill, (2) had a roommate, and (3) apparently either maintained a separate apartment in Middletown or stored his child pornography in the walk-in closets those high-seniority B units have.

    Yay! That's not a cheer for pedophilia, rather for the heightened publicity the problem is getting. Hopefully, some of those Governing Body members with a higher percentage of brain cells will fix the problem by instructing encouragement to report to civil authorities IMMEDIATELY. But, I seriously doubt it. So, any attention that can be drawn to the lack of basic decency inherent in their current policy is a great thing.

  • hillary_step

    The psychology behind the 'numbers game' that the WTS plays is rather interesting, in sort of playing-ground, mine is much bigger that yours kind of way.

    When the numbers grow, it is a sign of Jehovah's Blessing upon his people and the imminence of Armageddon. When they fall it is a sign of Christ blessing the congregation through a loving refinement process, and readying his people for.....you guessed it....Armageddon.

    What seems to evade them is the fact that whether there is just one Jehovah's Witness alive, or whether the whole world is converted to its corporate policies, the doctrine they adhere to is a nonsense theologically. They are trapped in a miserable, endless cycle of C19th Adventist thinking where 'heads I win, tails you lose' is the only thought in town.

    While JW woman, many of whom hold down responsible positions in the workplace stop draping a piece of cloth on their heads before they pray before men, or while educated people continue to allow semi-literate, grinning goons to control every aspect of their lives, then there is little hope for sensible direction.

    I once watched a stout JW woman slap the face of an elder who made a patronizing remark to her, it was a delightful moment. He almost fell over a small wall into a thorny rose bush the blow was so strong. If there is a God in heaven, I am sure he must have smiled at that moment. I am a firm believer in the Jezebel School of Sane Thinking and recommend regular face-slappings for all men dressed in polystester suits, ties the size of horse blankets, and who think that Renoir is a pagan Christmas deer.

    Either that, or drop LDH on Brooklyn via parachute, armed with a brain and her critical thinking skills - things that unhinge the most ardent JW - and take over the Wednesday morning policy meetings. I understand that most of the WTS Board are by self-admission, asleep on the job.


  • ozziepost

    Could the "increase" in US numbers mean that the decrease in Japan numbers was dubs emigrating to the States?

  • ozziepost


    Oh dear ! How much you miss of what God requires!

    He never called on Christians to become big but to be holy!

    Ever thought of that?

  • jwfacts

    What pitiful results. That is only 1.8 %, less than the birth rate. Hundreds of millions of hours witnessing and the WTS can no longer even keep up with the birthrate. That means all the witnessing that is done can not compensate for the number of children leaving the organization.

  • Severus

    Consider that March is the lead up to Memorial Season. Many sign up to auxiliary pioneer and inactive/irregular put in a couple hours too.

    Expect another boost during convention months (June-August) while many participate in tract campaigns to invite their entire territory to the convention. This is "easy service" and many fringe JWs are getting in on the action to appease their peers.

  • Virgochik

    The numbers come from a relia-bull source, hahaha!

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