Cancer and blood transfusions

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  • Tigerman

    Does anyone have any factual information as to whether or not blood is ever given to a cancer patient?

    I know this is a very generalized question without specifics, however, it's the only starting point I have.

  • parakeet

    I'm no expert, but I know transfusions are used in certain types of cancers. Someone else with more medical knowledge will have to supply the specifics.

  • juni

    Yes. My dad died from multiple myeloma a bone marrow cancer/bone cancer. He needed the red blood cells which his body destroyed. It was a very sad way to leave this earth. I will never forget the images of his suffering.


  • Rabbit

    Juni, Sorry about the loss of your Dad.

    My Mom had Lymphoma that started in her colon. That burst causing many infections. She died in a hospital ICU surrounded by a lot of smart nurses, doctors and state-of-the-art equipment who could have saved her life. Except...they were not allowed to use the blood donated to save her life.

    So, because my Mom was a JW...all her family, friends & medical personnel -- watched her smother to death.

    It is sad...


  • TD

    Radiation and chemotherapy both are used to treat cancer. Both can suppress bone marrow function to the point where transfusion becomes necessary. --Usually platelets, but sometimes other components as well.

    In this scenario, transfusion is actually used to treat the nasty side-effects of the cancer therapy, not the cancer itself.

  • Tigerman

    Thank you all for your input.

  • Dansk

    I'm actually just getting over cancer (Lymphoma) and was given a number of blood transfusions.


  • juni

    Thanks Rabbit. I'm sorry for your loss too. It is terrible losing someone you love this way. Peace to you. Hugs, Juni

    Nice to hear from you Ian. Hope you're able to enjoy the fine day- even if the weather is not the best, each day of life is a true blessing. Hugs, Juni

    Tigerman, I am happy that we could help you out with this information. Have a good day! Juni TD, you are certainly right w/your information. Is it real hot there in AZ?

  • moomanchu


    Good thing you got over JW,s before you got cancer. Hope your doing better.

    My brother in-law had cancer. The hospital wanted to store some of his blood so that when he had chemo-therapy he could use it.Transfusions are done to strengthen you after the chemo, the chemo wipes you out. A big part of the reason for transfusions is the white blood cells which boost your immune system.

    My brother in-law was ready to sacrifice himself to the WTBS, fortunately he recovered

    though he probably made it harder on himself.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Ian: We're so glad you are here to tell the tale!

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