Children who claim to remember past life

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    The University of Virginia has a unit in the department of Psychiatirc Medicine that investigates these claims. Here is a link to this unit:

    And here is a partial clip:

    Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives

    Dr. Ian Stevenson interviewing a subject in a village in Myanmar

    In many parts of the world, some young children, usually between the ages of 2 and 5, speak about a previous life they claim to have lived. At the same time they often show behavior, such as a phobia, that is unusual in their family and/or not explained by any current life events but that seems concordant with the child's statements about a previous life. In many cases of this type the child's statements have been shown to correspond accurately to facts in the life and death of a deceased person; in many of these cases the families concerned have had no contact before the case developed. Some of the children have birthmarks and birth defects that correspond to wounds or other marks on the deceased person whose life a child remembers. In numerous cases postmortem reports have confirmed these correspondences. Older children may retain these apparent memories, but generally they seem to fade around the age of 7 .

    The Division staff have been investigating these cases since 1961 and have published numerous articles and books about them. There is also a list of books on reincarnation which includes one book about Dr. Stevenson's work by an editor at the Washington Post. The young subjects of these cases have been found most readily in certain parts of the world, such as South Asia. They are, however, also found in other areas of the world, and the Division has studied many cases in Europe and North America. We are interested in hearing about cases with any of the elements discussed here. See Contacting Us. If you are a parent seeking advice about your child who seems to remember a previous life then see Advice to Parents.

    Types of Statements a Child Might Make in This Kind of Case

    Statements made by a child who seems to be remembering a previous life can be quite varied. The following is not an exhaustive list by any means. It is designed to give an idea of the kinds of things a parent or caregiver might hear, and in our Western culture, tend to dismiss as fantasy. It is also true that a child might say one or more of these things and not be remembering a previous life. It is probably best not to pump a child for information, nor to try and prevent him or her from saying such things.

    • "You're not my mommy/daddy."
    • "I have another mommy/daddy."
    • "When I was big, I ...(used to have blue eyes/had a car, etc.)."
    • "That happened before I was in mommy's tummy."
    • "I have a wife/husband/children."
    • "I used to...(drive a truck/live in another town, etc.)"
    • "I died ... (in a car accident/after I fell, etc.)"
    • "Remember when I ...(lived in that other house/was your daddy, etc.)"
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    Who is paying for the study? These kind of studies are usually conducted for the benefit of people that believe in reincarnation.

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    So what's your point? If you even took the time to read what I posted I don't think you wood need to even ask.

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    Is there any reason you chose to abandon the other thread you started on the same subject and start a new one?

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    I am generally suspicious about these kinds of things. I generally think they are probably faked or set up.

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    Most of the negative comments were without any substance just off handed comments by people who never even did an ounce of reseach or investigation. And don't get me started with these bible thumper, who just make the dummist comment about the Bible.

    Anyway that thread just ask for opinions, which I got, even if they were ill informed. I will go back to that thread if I get some comments that show some insight, or aleast show they have given what they post some thought. Your comments on that other post I respect for aleast you read posts and make intelligent comment.

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    Real intelligent post, I suppose you have your reasons for posting crap.

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    I am generally suspicious about these kinds of things. I generally think they are probably faked or set up.

    You need to read the first post I made. This is a study done by the university of virginia, not by some fly by nite charletons.

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    Here is something that I posted last December.....

    I got so caught this morning with Barb's thread that I forgot to tell you guys the story my sister told me last night. So here it goes!

    She was telling all of us about a night last year when they (Her and her 2 kids aged "4" and 8) were watching the news, anyway the news was on Afghanistan and the older girl asked why the women were all covered up, so my sister started to explain in simple terms (because of the ages) that women were not treated good over there, so this is where the "4" year old pipes up and says ..'I know!' So my sister asked her what she meant and the 4 year old said that there was bad men with guns following her in the house, (So at this point my sister just went with the story to see what she would say) So my sister asked what she did, if she got away...and my niece said she and another friend hid in the basement but the men found them and shot them So my sister asked....'When did that happen?' And my niece said...'March 21st'!...THAT IS MY NIECE"S BIRTHDAY!...I am telling you I was BLOWN AWAY!

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