What is the most objectionable thing you have heard off the platform?

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  • restrangled

    Dear Blondie,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am close to doing what is pictured in the first email you sent. I literally am about to lose my cookies over this one.


  • Confucious

    The Wednesday before the Sunday meeting - a 17 year old young man died in a freak accident that WAS NOT his fault.

    In fact, it was the negigence of the business he was working for that caused it.

    This was big news in our area.

    And of course, the parents of the young boy was sueing the the business.

    So during the meeting, the Watchtower was on Greed... A brother goes on about how the parents were greedy because they were sueing the company.

    Damn.. to this DAY I wish I would have stood up out of my chair and said, "WTF? The mother just had a child who DIED and you're calling her GREEDY???"


    But I was CHICKEN SHIT... !!!!!!

    I was scared to say what was RIGHT because I wanted position in the congregation.

    SHAME ON ME!!!

  • bronzefist

    Posted this awhile ago. CO gave a talk stating there were never "innocent victims". If someone is molested in the Catholic church it is the victims fault for being in Babylon the Great.

    No mention made of those molested in Jehovah's organization.

    If someone is raped in a "bad neighborhood" it is her fault for being there. On and on.

  • sunshineToo

    A few months after 9/11, a guest speaker from Bethel said that when the jws brought Watchtower megazines to the Ground Zero, other religious groups brought food and water. And he said,"They (meaning other religious groups) should have known better."

    A guest speaker on Sunday, he was telling us about a child who had to go to the summer school and miss the district convention. On a school day, the school bus got into a serious accident injuring (or killing) this child. He blamed the kid and his parents for choosing the worldly thing over attending the convention.

    After the Silent Lambs exposure on Dateline, we had a convention. The chairman of the convention (brother Pearse from Oakland, CA) said, "Don't tell anyone about this. Don't even discuss among you. If this bothers your conscience, there is something wrong with your conscience."

  • isthisit

    this MS ( young and eager,the type that will shake the right hands for a bit longer than necessary) said that "if you get in the car and don't put on your seatbelt straight away, the angel steps off the bonnet"-him saying this in a hall where the PO was just recovering from a car accident. he said some other things, but they are too specific to my hall, ireland is a small country and.....

  • itsallgoodnow

    some of these things make me want to throw up. I only wish they would put some of these things in print more often. they use the platform for abusive words they would never dare put in writing. they explain it away as "one elder's opinion" or "imperfect men". blah blah blah. but everyone knows these attitudes are encouraged. they are just trying to make everyone mean.

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    The last assembly i attended (last), the DO told a story about a pure pioneer sister who saved up her pennies to take a cruise in celebration of meeting her time requirement early. Immediately my BS detector went off, knowing damn well pios dont have money. Anyway, she dances till late, meets a handsome crewmember, sleeps with him, and then returns home the next day. Before she left, the crewmember gave her a small box, saying, "dont open this until you get home". A little coffin was inside with a note saying "WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS"!! Gasps of shock from the audience, chocked cries of despair, the sound of rent fabric as men tear their shirts apart in grief, exposing their pasty chests. My jaw literally dropped. This is a famous urban i heard 20 (twenty) years ago. Presented as truth. If i wasnt a coward, i would have broken through the cordon of would be willing bedfellows after the talk and told him so. Here it is: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/madmen/aidsmary.htm

  • schne_belly

    This wasn't announced from the platform, but my husband was in an elders meeting once and asked a particular elder where something he said was stated in the Bible. This elder replied, not EVERYTHING is IN the Bible... shortly after, that was it for my husband attending meetings.

    At a differnt time we heard an elder say you can't understand the Bible without the Watchtower and other publications from the organization.

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