What is the most objectionable thing you have heard off the platform?

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  • restrangled

    I know many have quoted ridiculous statements from the assemblies etc., I just wonder what irked you most off of the platform in your own KH.

    The one that sticks out in my mind was when we had a guest speaker on a Sunday for the public talk. I don't remember the theme but his main point was the starving people in Africa did not need food. He stated they needed spiritual food and would opt for that over a meal because they realize they could eat in the new order and there was no need to send any donations directly. It was spiritual food they were hungering for.

    This was a GUEST speaker and if I am not mistaken, pretty high up in the JW chain of command.

    I was never more appalled or disgusted for that matter.


  • ColdRedRain

    When the Pokemon craze was big, I heard an elder say this:

    "Poke-man(sic) means in Japanese 'faster than god, stronger than god, quicker than god'. Do we want to be blasphemous, younger brothers and sisters?"

    This brother didn't know what the hell a Pocketmonster was.

  • Bookey

    That sounds pretty bad, and not many will top it.

    I walked out of the Kingdom hall after hearing a brother say "The bible alone is not enough".

    Imagine all the poor souls for thousands of years before the WT bible and tract society existed that are going to experience that skull shattering horror of death crushing their brains when Armageddon comes in it's cataclysmic force to wipe out billions who never read an Awake article on how to squeeze breast milk.

    Silly fascists...

  • Check_Your_Premises

    WHen they said my kids needed a "spiritual" father because I don't put my faith in a publishing company... and my wife agreed with the speaker.

  • Warlock

    I posted this a while ago, but let me do it again.

    During the C.O.'s visit, he said, from the platform, that there was an area in Ohio where the brothers had not been able to preach because of the drug dealing, prostitution etc.

    He said the city got tired of it and decided to clean it up by getting "the blacks" out of the neighborhood.

    I thought "I can't believe he said that". I looked at one of the black sisters in our cong. and I'm thinking "I wonder what she's feeling".


  • Balsam

    That Sisters honor Jehovah by staying with their abusive worldly husbands. That their willingness to suffer the beatings will bring Jehovah's blessing because the man could one day come into the truth.

    Heard that back in the mid 1980's when I was pregnant with my first son. I could not believe that this Elder was encouraging such a thing, even if the beating put the sister in the hospital. He also brought out that Sister's who chose to leave such abusive men could never divorce or remarry so long as the man lived.

    I can remember feeling a great rage in me but still it took another 20 years before I left.

  • luna2

    I'm sure I've heard tons of rude, objectionable stuff from the platform but the only two things that have stuck with me over the years were the way one of our fab COs would jazz up his talks with all kinds of disgusting, overly-descriptive violence...junk about blood spirting out or limbs being hacked off. ::shivers:: I thought he was brutal and horrible.

    The other thing I've mentioned several times on the board. It was a visiting speaker telling the brothers to be sure and bring their sex objects wives with them on business trips, if possible, so they wouldn't be tempted to have sex outside the marital arrangement. Jackass.

  • itsallgoodnow

    not the platform, just bookstudy, but something close to balsam's experience, the conductor said there are times when he must beat his wife and child, like it was a normal acceptable thing. I think my reaction said a lot, though I never spoke up. I feel like shit for that. But nobody else even batted an eye. At least I complained about it to others.

    And his poor wife and daughter were sitting right there. I'm sure she was embarrassed to be represented as no better than an out of control child who needs a good beating from time to time.

  • candidlynuts

    one that comes to mind .......one brother doing a talk on the service meeting said " if your at a trailer and they have a satelite dish , they can afford a donation.... request one!" his tone and other comments showed his disdain for people who live in " trailers".. i lived in one at the time LOL and was irked at his attitude.

  • FairMind

    My ex-wife told on me for encouraging my teenage daughters to think about going to college. This was a prelude to an unexpected condemnation in a Service Meeting talk of those who espoused the demonic propaganda of higher education. This message was the courtesy of my archenemy the PO.

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