What is the most objectionable thing you have heard off the platform?

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  • Warlock

    Another one is: "1 hour of field service a month is not going to get you into the new system".

    Well, that's good news for the inactives, right?

    By the way, brother, can you tell me how many hours WILL get me into paradise, if you please.

    If I ever hear that again, I will ask, and report back to JWD the response. It might be tough, though, since I don't get to the K.H. too much anymore.


  • Tuesday

    I remember one brother on the platform saying that some youth said he liked rap because of the beats in it. He said "If you like the beat that much we can give you a pair of spoons and you can beat till your hearts content", it just struck me as such a stupid statement. Of course all the grown ups laughed uproariously. I wish Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk was around then, I could say to him "You know there is hip hop made with spoons, so your metaphor is really quite outdated". Ah to have a time machine to go back to say the perfect thing.

  • 5thGeneration

    C.O.: "Bible history reveals to us that Jehovah is a 'what have you done for me lately' God."

    That REALY pissed me off!

  • jeanniebeanz

    "Husbandly Owner"

    "Wait on Jehovah"

    "People who suffer from depression are suffering from a guilty conscience and need to do more"


  • mavie
    I posted this a while ago, but let me do it again.

    During the C.O.'s visit, he said, from the platform, that there was an area in Ohio where the brothers had not been able to preach because of the drug dealing, prostitution etc.

    He said the city got tired of it and decided to clean it up by getting "the blacks" out of the neighborhood.

    I thought "I can't believe he said that". I looked at one of the black sisters in our cong. and I'm thinking "I wonder what she's feeling".

    That is amazing. I think I would be tempted to gather my things and walk out right then.

  • Warlock


    Have you ever seen something, or heard something that so shocked you, that you couldn't even move?

    That was it. Nice to meet you, by the way.


  • Toronto_Guy

    A circuit overseer giving a talk at a circuit assembly:

    "And remember brothers, back in my day, we didn't call them gays, we called them faggots!"

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    Elder's Public Talk: A spiritual man should not contemplate marriage until he is at least 35.

    Sad but true.

  • rekless

    Me, giving a talk.

  • restrangled

    Dear Reckless,

    You had me LOL!


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