They keep preaching urgency but the opposite is happening.

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  • lost_light06

    I have not been to the DC yet this year but I have a feeling I know exactly what they are going to say. “do not lose your urgency”, “keep awake!”, “don’t fall asleep in this old system of things”. Basically the same crap we have heard for years, decades, generations (pre-1995 understanding). Yet, in my experience, no one is listening. For example: my wife is a true believer of the JW religion. After I told her I don’t believe it she went gung-ho on me trying to re-indoctrinate me (didn’t work). After her initial shock wore off we have slipped back into the same routine. Irregular meeting attendance, no study, would rather go to the beach or out clubbing than go to meeting. My friend, even though he is a MS, rarely goes out in the ministry, misses meetings all the time and apparently has a fondness for porn. I have many more examples but you get the point. The younger generation (by this I mean pre-30’s, not that +30’s are old, just not younger) seems to definitely be “cooling off” and I can only imagine how the even-younger pre-20’s generation is doing. Is this the case in most other areas as well? I would be lying if I said that I’m not optimistic about the demise of the WTBS in the near future even though my mind tells me that will never happen.

  • daniel-p

    I hear you. No matter what spin on the old worn out rhetoric they conjure up, people just don't care anymore. It's the same old empty, meaningless words they've heard a thousand times over. You can just cut the apathy at the hall with a knife, it's so thick.

  • zeroday
    9) What must a person do in order to survive the imminent destruction of this world that is lying in Satan's power? Today...


    w50 10/1 p. 366 It Is Nearer than They Think ***

    Now is no time for one to be captivated by this world’s glitter or be fooled by its "all is well" gush of propaganda. Now is no time to scramble for all that one can seize of this world’s possessions for protection. Neither is it a time to postpone Armageddon in one’s mind. (1 Thess. 5:2-4) Now, as never before, is the time to bestir oneself and take life-saving action while there is yet time. "Now it is high time to awake!" the apostle Paul says. (Rom. 13:11) Destruction of modern Babylon will clear the ground for the extension of God’s blessed Theocratic rule to the limits of the earth. Praise be to God that such momentous events are nearer than most people think!

    I posted this on another thread, it bears repeating. Same story different decade...
  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Neither is it a time to postpone Armageddon in one’s mind.

    Yeh, don't go postponing Armageddon in your mind now - stay a freaked out freak or you'll fail !

  • sass_my_frass

    I also hope that it's a sign that they're wearing out, but unfortunately I think that those who remain are the stubborn twonks who would stay in whatever cult they first got sucked into. Some people just need to be told what to believe.

  • blondie

    Think about it, 1975 was 31 years ago. The JWs who survived that disappointment either make up the base of the organization today or conversely the others never went through the crucible of 1966-1975. So people were either burnt out or never knew what it was like. So how do they respond to the "urgency" call, either, been there, done that; or wondering what the excitement is all about. Then they raise their children and grandchildren and here they are 31 years later trying to whip up some "urgency."

    The "sheep" watch the elders....I haven't seen an energetic elder for a long time. So the sheep think, I'll get energetic when I see them getting energetic.

    I personally feel that the power and weak point in the WTS are the elders, who are in the congregation day after day presenting the WTS dogma but then not necessarily living what they preach. The rank and file aren't blind.


  • aniron

    When I left 7 years ago, my congregation was the same it had been for the previous 20+ years. It seemed to be going along at a nice steady pace. Over the time I was there we had split into two congregation, because of increase during the 1980's. We built a new 300 seat Kingdom Hall. Everything was just going along nicely. There were about 85-90 publishers. Sunday meeting attendance was round the 120-130 mark. Most of the Elders where the same brothers who were there when I became a JW in 1970. It was very, very rare to hear someone had been DF'd or DA'd or even reproved. I think one person DA'd in all the time I was there.

    After I had left three of the older Elders died within 18 months of each other. These guys were in their 70's and had been JW's most of their lives. I often think they were a sound influence, they had a bit sense about them and how to deal with the congregation and situations. The Elders then became made up of mainly of the next generation down 30, 40, 50 yr olds. A couple of these thought they were "Gods gift" to the congregation. One of whom had to resign after being caught smoking, but not DF'd like a couple of the young ones were.

    Anyway whatever happened young ones just weren't going for it anymore. Those that did get baptised have either drifted away, a couple DF'd for smoking. A married Min Servant DF'd , TWICE for immorality, and divorced. Now back last I heard. A couple of others DA'd.

    In short over the last 5 years they seemed to have fallen apart. Publishers numbers now hovers around the 80 mark, Sunday attendance is 90-100. Memorial attendance this year I was told down by 50. They had no one baptised at the last Circuit Assembly.

    Other congregations in the area are also it seems at a standstill also.

    Whether this is the same in other areas of Britain I don't know. But from what I have picked up and been informed others. Things do seem to be generally slowing down.

    Either the WT has to change radically, we have seen the effects in past oof a change in major teachings, that may lose them more members.

    Or it will entrench itself and hold on to the members it now has.

  • restrangled

    I think it's only people from ages 70 through 80's plus that are really active members. It's too late for them to give up now, they weren't suppose to be looking death in the face at this age after spending a life time serving the orginization.

    My mother has mentioned very few to no one in field service during the week, no pioneers, bible studies are almost unheard of and when they do get out will spend entire mornings without speaking to anyone at the door. (This is a large congregation.)

    The majority of my extended family members are out except the old ones. Anyone my age or younger still going are just biding their time until they can be free.


  • Shador

    In regards to the declining numbers, lack of urgency, etc. I am reminded of this verse:

    Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God."

    - Acts 5:38, 39 NIV

    Unless something radical happens, I think the WTBS probably has 10 - 20 years of life left in it at the outside.

  • greendawn

    Why do the FDS gurus want to keep up the sense of urgency? Is it because they love the dubs? No it's because their own interests are served better since through urgency they can keep the R&F tied to their chariot and carry them where they want.

    The latter began realising that they are being manipulated and stopped listening to their devious leaders.

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