Please explain how disfellowshipping is a loving gesture

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  • greendawn

    They have gone completely overboard with DFing members, one can get DFed for celebrating birthdays just the same as for adultery.

    No doubt the Bible does talk about isolating those committing serious sins eg adultery or big scale fraud, but I doubt whether that was meant to be in the absolute way that the WTS does. It does not mean cutting off all contact but rather all intimate contact eg not having meals with them, the idea is not to level them emotionally but rather admonish them to repentance, unless they are actively seeking to infect the rest of the church with their sins.

    In addition the WTS excommunicates members for many trivial reasons and for criticising the powers that be something that is clearly an abuse of the excommunication rule. Even the Apostle Paul did not excommunicate those criticising him as apostates but humbly replied to all their accusations.

  • Fleur

    You bring up an interesting point, Greendawn!

    Think about it folks; they disfellowship and shun you the same whether you've been caught smoking, murdered somebody, or raped a child (if they can prove the rape, which is rare). How does that make sense? How are those sins possibly comparable?

    How can you compare someone who remarries without proof of scriptural grounds (whether they exist or not notwithstanding) with someone who takes another life???

    It gets sillier and sillier, the more you think about it.

  • LittleToe


    If the "truth" were true, it would be a loving gesture. If the "truth" is not true then it is an empty one. I find that this topic, like so many on this forum, misses that central point.

    On the contrary, I think YOU'VE missed the central point. Want to spell it out for us, why your opinion is correct and it can in any way be deemed as loving?

    When you've walked a mile in those shoes...

    Kindly bear in mind that you're still mooching around the outskirts of the WTS and still send your new bride to meetings... When you've actually lost all, and experience the emotional turmoil that comes with not just thinking yourself into a situation but actually experiencing it, then, and only then, you might finally realise why you find yourself reading the things you do on this site!

    You may enjoy taking the aloof position of playing devil's advocate and detracting from folks' personal experience of such hurt, as if you know it all, but the reality is far worse than you've ever dreamed. I only hope that when it finally happens to you (for it's pretty much inevitable, unless you intend looking over your shoulder and living the lie until your grave) that you have it easy, for I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    If you haven't got a pipe to stick that in, I can lend you one...

  • Cordelia

    it is loving because

    1. we will see the need to go back to the congregation hence saving our lives at armagadon

    2 we will once again live moral lives

    you know what i thought i could do a big list seeing as its what my family tells me all the time but you know what i cant! it is as little toe said it is control! they leave you no option but to go back to them, well at least thats what i thought till just recently, i just did a post about what my sister did to me the other day and how that is loving i do not know!!

    i agree maybe people should be punished for wrong doing, but the shunning and attending meetings till men decide we can be reinstated is wrong, prod son, king david manassah all were just forgiven, even that man in corinth they so like to quote was back by pauls 2nd letter, now how long was that? he prob just went one day coz he had stopped his incest and got forgivenn, where the hell they get that we should be shunned till men decide we repent??

    Also let him be as a tax collector said jesus, well he talked to tax collectors!! jws say he meant tax collectors as the jews veiwed them not as jesus did, and apparently the jews did shun them! but who decides exactly what jesus meant by that! going beyond the scrips or what


  • AuldSoul
    So instead of the abused being kicked out, the abuser should be kicked out.


    I did. It isn't going to solve the problem, so it doesn't address the issue in a reasonable way. The problem is that pedophiles and child molesters (which are not the same thing) are comfortable with thinking confidentiality will prevent their discovery. If that shield is removed, if they KNOW they will be warned against among the congregants for their abuse of children, there is no longer any protection from exposure. Anything short of exposure is too little effort at protecting the congregation.

    It is strange that they claim to protect the congregation but routinely prove themselves more minded toward protecting the reputation of the congregation.


  • parakeet

    Welcome to the forum, godsgraceisfree.
    ***'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these.***
    I'm not a christian but do agree with the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. Many JWs, in my opinion, have little love for themselves (except for saving their sorry hides at Armageddon), so they find it difficult to love others, yet very easy to hate others for even the flimsiest of reasons.
    Expecting JWs as a group to love others is like trying to get blood from a stone--it just isn't there to begin with.

  • Warlock


    I didn't say it would solve the problem. Nothing will solve the problem short of banishment to a desert island for most of those with that problem.


  • AuldSoul


    I don't see the problem as being the existence of aberrant sexual behaviors, there is obviously no way to correct that. I see the problem being one of failing to clearly and directly inform others after ONE OTHER PERSON knows about the aberrance.

    Parents will not usually leave their children in harm's way if they know about the potential danger. There are always exceptions to that rule, but silence is the pedophile's best friend—as well as the child molester's.

    Disfellowshipping someone for such behavior and failing to inform the congregation of the reason is ethically wrong on EVERY level.


  • Dismembered

    Greetings Warlock,

    :It is a loving gesture to the Cong. when the disfellowshipped one is a child molester, don't you agree?

    Yes, as long as he's castrated too.


  • Warlock


    I agree with you 1000%.


    I only agree with you 500%, because I'll help you do it and that will be the second 500%.

    Warlock (knife sharpening sounds)

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