My first time running from the COPS!

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  • Kudra

    So I was out on my run this morning and I got cut off by a red light. AArrrgh! I hate it when that happens. So I look around cautiously for cop cars and bike cops... the city just got a $17,000 grant to ticket pedestrians and bikes. Ya know, never mind fighting actual violent crime...
    Rant:***(!!!! F**Kers! and they NEVER do anything about cars!!!- I am constantly having to be on hyper alert on my bike for cars that swerve right in front of me, make right hand turns,cutting me off because they NEVER F'N LOOK for bikes!- BTW I am a very contientious bike rider and follow all the rules of the road as if I am a vehicle- when I am a pedestrian I am pretty bad though)*** end of rant.
    So anyway it is a sleepy Sunday morning with nary a car or pedestrian in sight for blocks... so I make a quick dart across the intersection and as I am about half way through I get a sense that there are people at the stoplight right where I was...
    So I look back and see not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bike cops stopped at the light behind me!!! OH CRAP I keep running and they are there waiting for the light to turn green. Now I am repeating to myself F---, F---, F---, because they are super agressive with ticketing for pedestrians and I have received a ticket from them myself and so have about 5 of my friends for jaywalking etc. And I have seen them "bike people down" and get them for doing what I did...
    One last glance over my shoulder and I see the other light turning yellow and the cops getting ready to pedal. So I make a hard right hand turn and run, top speed through an outdoor Starbucks patio through this shopping area and out into the alley. Well there are four of them so pretty much any street will be dangerous to try. So I see a parking garage with lots of different levels and I enter. I run across to the stairwell and race up it trying not to be seen from the outside. So I am joggin around in the parking garage, checking for the bike cops (it's an open air garage) because they have one "beat" that they bike, this street that goes out from the university.
    So I have to spend teh rest of my run in the garage, which turns out to be quite pleasant- no cars, a fresh breeze, totally shaded so about 20 degrees cooler that the outside Tucson temp of 100, and I get to do hill repeats on the ramps that go all the way to the top (4 stories) and I have found a great new shady place to run hills. I have to take an alternate route home cause I live on that street that the cops ride their bikes up and down.
    ...searching me out, tracking me down like an animal- a dangerous criminal with little regard for life or the law... a desparate wanderer...
    I feel like an OUTLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sirona


    What can I say to that?!

    Its exciting being you, isn't it?


  • candidlynuts

    you outlaw! lol

    had to edit......... i thought you were on a bike.... gaaaaaaah now i gotta go read it all over again lol

  • AlmostAtheist

    Didn't Jesus say there'd be an increase in jay-walking before the big A? Things just keep going from wad to borse, don't they? ;-)


  • Leolaia

    You should play the Go Game:

    I got to run down the streets of Berkeley with a squirt gun trying to corner another team mate (causing havoc in a Ross Dress For Less store and in a Chinese restaurant), rip off the backpack of someone "sleeping" in a public park, and "break into" someone's apartment.

  • daniel-p

    Just goes to show how when someone leaves Jehoober's organization they are easily swept into a life of crime.... tsk tsk.

  • Simon

    I always thought "Jay Walking" was just some movie in-joke that I didn't get until me and a work colleage went on a trip to San Diego.

    We were going out with some locals and they pointed out the place we were going to so off we both went - diagonally across the road directly to the place we wanted.

    They were all in shock at our "wild" behaviour.

    C'mon ... how can crossing the street be a crime?!

    Oh, I forgot. You may slow one of those lumbering slow cars down. Damn, what a crime.

  • Robdar

    OMG, You're an outlaw!

    I will be looking for your mug on "America's Most Wanted"!

  • Kudra

    Well, I'm actually kind of confused as to what jay-walking is...
    I thought it was crossing the street at any point, without the guide of a cross-walk light.
    But when I was home once, driving about in my mom's car, I was driving by the courthouse which, in our town is across the street from the bakery. Two cops crossed abruptly in front of my car, in the middle of the block, which made me have to come to the stop basically in the middle of the road. So as I passed them when they reached the sidewalk on the bakery side of the road, I said out of the window, "Hey, isn't that Jaywalking?" And they replied, "That ain't jaywalking!"
    Yes, "ain't".
    And I told my mom that she might want to be careful driving her car around the cop-infested downtown bakery zone... I suppose that was the beginning of my outlaw days... Ha. but then my mom says how that would make a bad name for Jeghroovy if said cops saw the car out in service...
    So from then on out I was under the impression that jaywalking was only crossing the intersection against a red light, and that crossing randomly anywhere was ok.
    But then a bunch of my friends got tickets for crossing in the middle of a block...
    Go figure.

  • crazyblondeb

    What was that thing that was drummed into our heads "bad associations spoil blah, blah, blah".

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