A woman that strongly supports the dubs

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  • jwfacts

    That comment is simply ignorance. I would have asked;

    "Really, how many other religions have you associated with that you can make such a statement?"

    There are many religions that have morals as high or higher than JWs that I personally have associated with.

  • Pistoff
    Maybe she has some committed jws in her family.

    Most in my family should be committed.

  • KW13

    i would of said

    "well surely you could only know these things from personal experience?"

  • parakeet

    Sounds like she's just a dunking away from being a JW herself, so maybe she's already too far gone to listen to reason.

  • Jeffro
    I was talking with a woman today who admires the JWs, though not one of them, and she was telling me things like they are the only people with strong principles and families and the only ones that really try to apply God's laws in their lives and uphold Biblical truth. Also that there are many diseased individuals among the blood donors and most donated blood is contaminated so the dubs are doing well to avoid transfusions.

    This comment smacks of indoctrination. It's one thing to say that Witnesses have strong principles and close families, but to say they're the only ones sounds like they've been fed propaganda. It sounds like maybe this woman has studied with the Witnesses and decided she didn't agree with the beliefs, but she's probably been love-bombed and glurged to the extent that she thinks that all Witnesses are automatically nicer than other people.

    From a leadership perspective, Witnesses are very much about appearances, as is demonstrated by the KMs about every convention telling people common-sense things to make a good impression. If they're intrinsically such nice people, why do they need the reminders shoved down their necks over and over again.

    And if she really believed it, she could automatically disprove it by just being a nicer person herself.

    Just like any segment of society, some Witnesses are nice people, and some aren't.

  • sass_my_frass

    This topic would have been jumped on by any lurking JW apologists, and I'd like to quote this from a recent post by sammilee in http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/115486/1.ashx

    A note to any JW lurkers - these are the stories that are being talked about. Not how honest or kind or charitable you all are. Not how loyal you are. I do not tell stories of how you follow the bible...I make no bones about the shallowness of the Society and its followers. I tell them how demeaning it is to be a 'wordly' person and sit in the hall and listen to them run you down and in what ways. I tell them how much you hate the world and its people but you pretend to love them by knocking on their door. I tell them about the money and the investments, the 2 witness rule, disfellowshipping and shunning, I tell them all of this. They sap it up. They listen eagerly. These are my experiences and I like to share them. The Watchtower is constantly telling you to keep Jehovah's name clean - that's a laugh. They do everything they can to ensure it is sullied by the very acts you inflict on others.

    Greendawn you found a member of a minority: somebody who doesn't dislike or disrespect JWs. Everybody else who knows anything about JWs, knows that they break up families and would happily let their children die.

  • greendawn

    In fact this woman has a JW daughter but never was a JW herself yet her views of them are too rosy, next time I will tell her something about the negative side of the JWs eg family shunning and the gross lack of charitable work by the FDS.

    I won't say the JWs are worse than the rest of the world but that they also have their own dark side and are in the end no better than the rest of society.

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