I'm really ticked right now!!!

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  • candidlynuts

    ugh this kind of stuff makes me so mad!

    i'd be hard pressed not to write them a letter and have it printed in their local paper!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Sammieswife,

    I totally understand your frustration!! My parents are out, as well as all the kids EXCEPT one brother who treats my parents the SAME exact way!! It is SICKENING!! It is all my other brothers can do to keep from beating the holy crap out of him. Hoping this will knock some sence into his cult filled brain! But...we all just keep trying to remind ourselves, that he is indeed brainwashed. And I myself were too!! We all were!! I was a hard nut to crack as well. Although I will say I NEVER was disrespectful, nor treated my parents badly, nor did I ever treat them like I didn't love them. However, I did withdraw and I did not trust the two people who brought me into this world to let them tell me their findings. For that I am ashamed. But I am SO...grateful that they never gave up on me. Now, all but one of their kids are out. I think he would be out if it wasn't for his psycho wife. He is trapped. Trapped with her, and trapped in the organization. He has one child, and one on the way. But.. I keep telling my parents, don't give up on him. You never know what may happen to wake him up. If I can wake up...anyone can!! The heart has to be ready for truth no matter what the "truth" may be. So hang in there, and know you are not alone in your frustration. I feel your anger. But don't give up!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Odrade

    Hit 'em where it hurts. Write them a letter and tell them that due to their atrocious and unchristian behaviour, the likes of which would make Jesus vomit, you now tell EVERYONE you come into contact with, how your husband is treated by his children, who are following the rules of the Watchtower. Tell them that, thanks to your horrible story of their actions, there are now hundreds of people that will never fall victim to the evil slave- the Watchtower, and all you have to do is tell the truth.
    Keep it really short. Write it in a postcard, in fact, so they can't return it unopened and unread.
    Geez, the WT really turns people into poopyheads, doesn't it?
    A thought just occured to me, is it possible that they have a second motivation to act like this... to support the mother (ex-wife?) Is this like some sort of line in the sand, but they are using the disfellowshipping excuse to draw it?

  • tijkmo
    I'm so ticked that I feel like writing the nasty little ingrate back to ask her to provide me a list of what she deems emergency situations - just so I can post it by the fridge

    im with celia ...go for it

    then tell them that no emergency would be deemed serious enough

  • sammielee24
    is it possible that they have a second motivation to act like this... to support the mother (ex-wife?) Is this like some sort of line in the sand, but they are using the disfellowshipping excuse to draw it?

    We thought of that also but you know - these aren't babies - they are all in their mid-late twenties and capable of making their own decisions on these things. Without a doubt the ex wife, who is a hardcore Witness, has some pull - but their behaviour has led my husband to question how much, if any, impact or real love they ever felt for him. I won't go into details but the letters that they had sent him were beyond nasty. They said things that most kids just would not say out of respect for their parents. My husband was an elder so he fully comprehends the behaviour - to an extent. He recognizes that his kids are being spiteful and hateful by going beyond the point of no communication with him - ultimately he was told that they hope he suffers. I have seen real suffering in the world. I've seen lives decimated by pain caused from abuse, poverty, social discrimination - a whole host of other trials endured by people make the lives these kids have had a 'walk in the park on a sunny day'. IMO they need some buckshot in the butt to understand what pain is..<inject sarcastic humor here> I've thought of the letter in the paper thing - I've thought of sending the Society a letter asking for the rules on family business as well. I've thought about sending all of them a letter notifying them that there will be no contact for any reason. I'm going to do something because I don't think they should have the final satisfaction of believing that we have to and will abide by their rules - we don't. They need to know that. All of these messages have been helpful. Thank you all so much! sammieswife.

  • LovesDubs

    No matter what you do Sammieswife...they will say you are persecuting them because they have the Truth. If they make their dad suffer it is out of "love" according to their twisted mentalities, and perhaps in doing so will force him back into the fold. In the meantime, they are miserable but cant say so. Its a lot harder to keep up the facade of not caring about someone you desperately love and WANT to be with than it is to stay away as dad now must do and not "lay down in front of the train" to allow himself to be hurt again and again and again as your husband must do. He will always love his kids, but every time he extends his hand or his heart they will break it again. No amount of guilting them with presents or cards will make them change, it will only hurt the two of you. And they secretly revel in your pain.

    As for funerals...a good friend of mine who is an EXJW held the funeral for her JW husband who died of cancer in a public forum and not the hall. It was at a funeral home and he had requested that a brother give the usual Infomercial Talk there. There were about 2 dozen JWs there. When the grieving widow went to the front to thank everyone for coming and to introduce the mans daughter who was going to read a poem she had written about her daddy, the JWS STOOD UP and noisily exited the funeral home, which was obviously an ORCHESTRATED move, and went right outside the WINDOWS of the room where the proceedings were taking place, laughing and patting each other on the back congratulating themselves on walking out on the APOSTATE! They left us speechless and the daughter in tears! Nobody else in the mans family were witnesses and they appalled at the behavior of these supposed Christians! It was by far the most cruel and heartless thing I have ever seen human beings do to each other. I was sickened.

    So somehow..deep down your husband has to find the strength to let go. And if he dies, god forbid, you are under no obligation to have those heathens there where they can make a mockery of their loving father for the sake of gaining a part on the District Assembly for their faithfulness.

    God love you guys...Im so there with you.


  • schne_belly

    All I can do is just shake my head.....

    I hope some day these little brats come to realization what they have missed out on. There is no excuse to treat a parent in such a way!!

    I agree with Finally Free:

    The cult may tell them to shun, but they are adults with their own brain, and as such they are responsible to accept the consequenses of their choice to obey the cult.

    They aren't worth your trouble....

    I'm sorry!

  • TooOpinionated

    I'm so sorry about this. I get livid when I read these stories, and just fires me up to keep up my anti-witnessing.

    I'm with Odrade on this one-that is EXACTLY what I would send to the ingrates.

  • sf
    Witnesses are incapable of honest communication - they run and hide behind the cover of the society and spout their drivel so that they don't have to be honest with anyone including themselves.


    Incidently, do you happen to know the color of their Masks?


  • sf
    be hard pressed not to write them a letter and have it printed in their local paper!

    Excellent idea! {how do i turn off this blue highlighter?}

    Can you imagine if at least one dfed person in each town contacted a reporter to have their story of shunning and abandonment told? And these stories were printed at the rate of one per week or month?

    {{ ponders }}

    sKally {{ crap, i don't know how to get the yellow off now }}

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