What Things Were You Shocked To Find Out About, While In The Org.

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  • Morocco

    The biggest thing for me was the fact that there wasn't a single person in my Hall that didn't lead some kind of double life. And wednesday made the point that we don't confess our sins to our elders. Why? I will never know, but the WT wants to run a religion without giving even a small amount of loving care to the members, in turn it creates a division between people because the Elders are taught not to care but to disfellowship. This double life is natural for any of the dubs who have sined but still believe its "the truth", this in turn causes emotional conflicts, paranoia, the fear that your double life will be exposed because you can't confess lest you be punished. They are left with a bitter-sweet love=hate for God and are in total conflict... I think this is a primary reason why most people begin to doubt the JWs and then feed that doubt or go insane.

  • xjwms


    I found out that personal sprituality

    is measured by how many hours one puts in field service.

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