What Things Were You Shocked To Find Out About, While In The Org.

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  • Warlock

    These are just 3 things that I was shocked to learn when I was in the Org. They may not seem like big things to some, but they are to me.

    1. Speakers at the D.A. had food catered to them. I thought we had to BRING OUR OWN food to the assemblies.

    2. The "Green Handshake". I was in for over 20 years before I found out about this one. We were at a C.A. and this is the D.O.'s last assembly with our circuit. My wife tells me "My sister just gave the D.O. a check". I said "What?" She said to look at the D.O. shaking hands and to see how after some of those hand shakes he would put his hand in his pocket. When he did that, he was putting money in his pocket. She says the same thing happens with the "Guest" speakers. She laughed at me and just couldn't believe I had never noticed. For me that was shocking.

    3. I read an article, either in a WT/AW, or I read it on the WT "Official" website. It was about a brother in a country other than the U.S., who would not join the military and was probably going to jail. The thing about the article that shocked me was that the WTS emphasized that this was his choice, and his choice alone. No one told him to do it, nothing about how that is what we were taught to do from the Org., nothing.

    So after teaching him he could not join the military, but if he did, he would be d.f.ed, but since he wouldn't join, he was on his own, he was basically hung out to dry. He was left in "no mans land".

    Now, I'm thinking is the "Society" basically going to disown me, abandon me like they did this brother, when I try to do what THEY TAUGHT ME TO DO sometime in the future? Do you have any idea what that does to your confidence in "mother". Is it any wonder why I'm on J.W.D.?

    Thanks for reading this and for letting me vent some of my anger and disappointment. These are not all the things that shocked me, but it's a good start.


  • minimus

    That they REALLY DON'T care about people. They are a business more than anything else.

  • beautifulisfree

    I was shocked at the questions they ask you in a judicial commitee. Like that is any of their freakin business. And that they don't have Gods Holy Spirit...because if you lie they don't know.

  • moanzy

    That shepearding calls are not really about caring.

    Family would rather disown their children than parent them.


  • juni

    Hi Warlock.

    When I was in and heard about these things I always had some justifiable reason for it being done. I didn't want to go against God's org. Now that I'm out, I've got clear, unbiased vision to see the facts as they are. Some might think that I'm just an angry woman who is looking for things to pick at and tear apart. NO THAT ISN'T TRUE. Fact is fact. Truth is truth. It's a matter of taking off the blinders that this org. has put on you.

    I'm glad you're still here with us and posting good topics for discussion.


  • Warlock

    Also, what about when they used to have a set cost for the mags.? .25 then .50 and the whole time I'm thinking "didn't Jesus say "you received free, so give free"?


  • wednesday

    I was shocked so many years ago to learn that so many jws don't confess to the elders thing they do. They lead double lives. I could not believe it. I was flogging myself and they were out doing all these things, and had support from their friends. I was baring my soul and geting kicked around like yesterdays newspaper.. It took a lot for me to finally see that they stuck together with their frends, and anyone who was not a part of that group could just go suck swamp water.. Never again. they are all hypocrits and liars.

  • Finally-Free

    I was shocked to learn about the cancellation of food services at circuit and district assemblies. I was especially sad to see there were no more chocolate sundays at the assembly hall. It was the only positive thing about the assemblies.


  • juni

    I remember when the mags. were .10 each. Little books were .25.

    Since they changed it to voluntary contribution at the counter ( though that was said, but you still were to give a fair price to be viewed as a spiritual person) and then if you received any money at the door you were to turn it over to the service servant at the counter or was it the Contribution Box - been so long I can't remember. Anyways, they actually came out ahead if this was followed by everyone which I know it wasn't.

    My kids filled me in w/what was happening w/other kids. Pioneer kids were some of the worse for being sneaky. Of course if you were w/them at the time and you weren't pioneering you would be the "fall guy". They wanted to preserve their spiritual "facade". Also, if your parents were strict as we were your kids didn't get invited to do things w/these ones as they couldn't take the chance that their crap would be spoken about. They were a closed society.


  • greendawn

    That the anointed had absolutely no say in the running and dogmatic beliefs of the WTS despite the GB's claim that they do, why should the small bunch of Brooklkyn men decide everything and have the audacity to claim that they are only a small part of the FDS, they are just their spokesmen?

    No, they are the FDS.

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